Joomla 3.5 Version

Joomla 3.5 Version: What’s New for Us?

Many software developers were looking forward for the new release of their favorite software Joomla 3.5 as it could bring them many new features to play with. Website maintainers are usually less fond of new releases, as they worry about the changes and their increased responsibility of handling the sites. But the new version always comes up with numerous features and fixes a variety of bugs reported in the previous release. The latest release of Joomla 3.5 is intended not only to add rich features, but it also aims to clean up the existing elements and make the software flexible, robust and scalable that will act as a strong base to expand the scope of Joomla.

So, if you are a Joomla developer hankering for some new features that can enhance your development skills, then in this blog, I will share with you what is available in this latest release of Joomla.

PHP 7 support: The latest Joomla 3.5 includes upgraded PHP 7 support and this will contribute to some impressive improvements related to the site’s efficiency. The latest release of PHP has helped it to become faster and smoother so that it can match the high speed websites. Developers and clients can now take advantage of it and enjoy a huge increase in the site speed.

Drag and drop images:  The most important addition to this latest release of Joomla is that you can now add images directly to your web content. With this new feature, you can simply grab the image of your choice and add it to the article by dragging it to the TinyMCE content area. The image will be loaded to your server automatically and added into the content.

Custom.CSS file for Protostar: Protostar template is the workhorse of Joomla and it is good for users who are willing to create their own site without much modifications or customizations.  But most users look for a little customization and previously this was possible via the use of plugins, which could cause problems when the index.php file was modified. But with the latest release the template now checks for the custom.css file for Protostat and loads it if found, else it considers the default settings.

New button Module added: inserting modules in the web content is nothing new, but this wasn’t at all easy for the Joomla beginners. The latest 3.5 release has made the process an easy one with the simple addition of a button in the TinyMCE editor toolbar called the MODULE. Clicking this button opens up a list of modules from where you can easily select one and this will automatically add the correct syntax to your web content.

Updated email plugins: With hackers and scammers stalking the web, it should always be a priority for the site admins to get their Joomla site updated as soon as possible after the latest release. Most of the users are usually unaware of the fact about the latest updates unless they log in to the back end of their site to note the message at the top.  This updated feature adds a plugin that periodically checks the site for updated versions of Joomla and if one is found, then it emails the users of the site to inform them.

Thus, the latest Joomla 3.5 version has come up with new plugins and features that will help developers and users to manage the sites effectively.

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