Keep your Followers Engaged to your Facebook Profile

Keep your Followers Engaged to your Facebook Profile

You sow well by creating an attractive profile for your business on Facebook. You reap when the traffic starts coming in. But you need to be careful here. The crop harvested has to be kept away from parasites. If a hailstorm blows it away, all the slog turns to dust.
This may sound a bit off track, but every word of it contains merit. You fail to maintain that profile properly and boredom sets in. Visitors look for other options.
They become disinterested in what you try to sell them. No more are they willing to spend time seeing what is new!

They would rather do something interesting, different from wasting their time (that is how visitors berate something they take a disliking for!) digging into something inconsequential.How do you handle this?

Maintain a Fine Line
Overselling kills. Try selling them too much and they get put off. Poke too much into their feeds and they will not only jettison your profile, but perhaps drop an F-Bomb whilst saying Good-Bye!
Maintain interaction at a healthy rate. Keep it casual. Never be demeaning to criticism. Laugh it off. Never be too overjoyed with praise. Take it with humility.
The interest should never cease growing. Show them you are serious about your business and you care for them. Pay attention to their suggestions, and next time you bump into the person who made it, never forget to thank him. Small things are at
times very touching!

Reward Loyalists with Incentives
With time you come to know those frequenting your website. You know who the loyalists are. Reward them. Make them feel special. Make them feel wanted. Offer discounts at purchases made. Have special offers for them.
But be a little wary with it. The offers should be good. Cheap offers put people off very quickly. You throw inconsequential offers at them and they will tell you to stuff it. Good ones keep them hooked on. Identify those good ones well and offer them.

Contests are Interesting
People love competing. They look to have fun around. Participation gives them a high. When you run competitions, they seldom hesitate to jump on board and make use of that chance. Keep the contest fair. Prizes won should serve as a big motivational factor.

Circulate Content
Articles written in good formats impress. Readers feel driven to read them. They want to have as much f them as they can. Fun, Pun, thrill and jest are what they look for in a good write up. If they get to read something good, they go after it.
Create something like this and you have a good time doing it.

Polls Reveal
Users might play it smart. They might try to camouflage opinion. But polls have this uncanny ability to make them say the truth. They vote with their heart. They vote to voice their opinion. They vote to be heard, counted.
Question polls are again a different variety, yet effective method of polling. You asked an open ended question and the answers coming are of a dozen different types.
Relate your business to something in the media. Then ask a question. The answers will make certain things clear and show you why it is good to be heard.

Advice is the most personal way to Reach Out
Offer it when asked for. Just throwing sermons is again recipe to put visitors off. If somebody seriously puts up a question, take it as the perfect challenge to play Agony Uncle.
Be the typical affable ‘elder’ and put forth a smart and well thought answer that benefits the person questioning.

If it touches, it is well received!
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