Microsoft Bing Organic Search Results Yahoo UK and Others Decide

Microsoft Bing Organic Search Results: Yahoo UK and Others Decide

Yahoo has posted an update stating plans to migrate organic results for several Yahoo European properties to the search index of Bing, a Microsoft product. Come August 3, organic search results on Yahoo UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy will begin the transition to Bing.

As of now, Yahoo has decided not to implement the same process on the paid search ads. They remain in their same place, on the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany versions of the search engine. The search engine completed its transition to the US property way back in August 2010.

Those in the mentioned regions ought to be prepared for this change. For them, yahoo has advice.
Start comparing organic search rankings on Yahoo! Search and Bing for keywords which drive business and help determine a potential impact on overall traffic and sales.

Decide whether you would like any modifications to your paid search campaigns to compensate for changes on organic referrals that may come along.

Finally, start reviewing the Bing webmaster tools and optimize your website for the Bing crawler. This will help ensure your site gets listed well on the organic search results of both Yahoo and Bing.

Take it seriously and search will become better.

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