Moodle LMS Reporting Capabilities

Moodle LMS Reporting Capabilities and How They Help Organizations

Analytics and e-learning reporting offer great insights into the learner’s progress and ensure that the objectives are met clearly. Different types of reports in Moodle LMS assist the educators and the organizations to improve the e-learning experience, access the student’s successes and help in retention rates.

Today, LMS reports have become an integral part of the online learning process and both the students and the managers can gain benefits from these reports. They not only help in progress like competition, competencies and compliance, but the reports also help in modifying the courses as per the needs of the students.

Having worked with Moodle LMS for the past few years, I have observed how the reports can help in enhancing the course modules, improves the productivity of the educators and also guide the students with relevant information, activities and etc.

Today, in this blog, I will share with you some of the most important LMS reports that are generated by Moodle website and how they can help e-learning organizations.

Reports That Help The Educators:

Activity completion report:

With this report enabled, you will be able to use the checklist of what the students have so far completed and this allows them to track the course progress. The report is basically used by the teacher, course managers, non-editing teachers and the viewing options can be managed by the administrator himself.

Grades report: As the name suggests, the report helps you to access the grades for each student enlisted in the course. The report uses all the graded elements from different parts of Moodle and allows presents before you and lets you change them or even sort them into different categories as per your needs.

The Contributions of Moodle in Distance Learning

When the graded item is added in the course in Moodle, certain fields are automatically populated.

Overview report:  This is a general report for both the teachers and the students and they can check an overview of all their grades in the courses that they have enlisted. The users can see the reports for activities in the course when they access the courses.  The teachers can also use this report and check the current grades for the students whenever they want.

Course completion report:  This report shows all the activities or the resources in the courses that have the completion tracking on. It states the completion status of each activity for each user in the course.  It also consists a checklist for date passed, course grade, course complete, mark complete and etc.

Website Reports:

Change Log / Config Changes report:

The config report enables the administrators to view part of the Moodle LMS that have been changed or altered recently. It shows the date when the changes were made, the administrator who made the changes, the new value or settings.

Activity log report: This report is available in two views:  an individual report and a course activity report. The course activity report shows the number of views for every resource and activity and also anything related to the blog entries. It can be accessed by the teachers, Moodle managers, non-teachers. The individual activity report shows the contributions of the learners to the course and this includes activities like forum posts, logs and assignment submissions.

Course automated backups:  This report contains the log of all the course backups and the time that is needed to create them, their present status, scheduled time for the next automated backups. This log details are very important for troubleshooting, backup errors.

“Moodle LMS reports provide the administrators and the teachers with useful information that can be used to enhance the courses, guide the students and improve the overall Moodle e-learning system.”

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