New features in Android 11 development that developers would love to use

New Features in Android 11 Development that Developers would Love to Use

Outstanding features in your mobile app can always accelerate and attract web traffic to a mobile app and if you notice the global market, then you will notice that Android leads with an 80% market share whereas iOS which is second is with 15%. It is because of its huge market base that businesses across the globe are going crazy over android app development services now a days. And with mobile app development trends continuously renewing and coming up with opportunity to add interesting and new features to draw the user’s attention instantly, you can always customize the features in accordance with the business requisites.

Android 11 is a stable and official version and the new version will also arrive soon for various devices and it has come up with every new feature. There are plenty of smaller updates as new features will be geared more towards the developers instead of the general user.  So let’s check some of the biggest changes that every Android developer should know:

Conversation Notifications:

In the Android 10 version the notification contains all the notifications in a haphazard list. Certain apps get propriety and are shot to the top of the list and some low priority notifications get moved down to the silent section. This is changes in Android 11 and there are now three notification categories, Conversations, Alerting and Silent.

Scoped Storage:

This is specially designed to handle spyware and malware and this will them to refrain from accessing the public data and ensure security. With Android 11, Google has brought the scoped storage which will basically change the applications access to the files. It will also allow the mobile apps to read and also store the data only on the secure folders and that too some restricted access to the photos, audio and videos.  Google may also provide more access to the file manager and backup managers, thereby keeping others apps to the scoped storage.

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Gesture Proficiency:

Gestures are the prime feature of Android development over the years and there have been some issues with the back gesture in the android OS version. This is basically due to the overlap of various apps over the back gesture and this causes the users to access emails or messages using a back gesture. Android 11 development needs the gesture proficiency for the users to have a user experience and Google has revamped the gesture control and added some navigation options from the users to navigate easily through the operating system.


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Chat Bubbles:

This first appeared in Android 10 but google didn’t prioritize them and they faded away but now chat bubbles are back in android 11 and are taking center stage. With a Messenger, you will see a chat head on your phone and a quick tap on the icon will launch the chat and let you minimize the chat back to an icon. Once you are done with the conversation, you can easily remove the chat head until the next conversation starts. This is how the bubble feature works and it can work for any chat app.

The above features are only some of the many new features of Android 11 development. there are many other new features available that are a delight for the Android developers.


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