New Frontend Progressive Web App for Magento 2

A New Frontend Progressive Web App for Magento 2

Magento is a popular e-commerce platform that is preferred by businesses because of its rich features, robustness, scalability and immense flexibility. Recently Magento introduced the Progressive Web App Studio in the 2.3 version and it is a suite of tools that are designed to empower the developers so that they can create online stores as progressive web apps.

PWA has gained immense popularity in the field of e-commerce, online news portals, businesses, and other fields because of its varied characteristics and features.

Progressive Web Application for Magento 2:

The PWA uses modern capabilities that help to deliver an application like user experience and also helps to do things like work offline, send push notifications, the load on the home screen and etc. PWA for Magento 2 uses the web capabilities and develops from a browser tab making the pages more impressive. It is super-fast when compared to the website.

Characteristics of PWA:

Faster User Interface Support:Web developers can load a complete site to the browser just after one-page view on slow networks as well.

Offline Support: The sites can now be accessed even if users lose internet connectivity. PWA sites cache the content and also ensure that the content is served even when the user is offline.

Background Processes:If the user has poor net connectivity, then the browser stores all the requests, form submission data and etc. and when the connectivity returns, it sends all the data again.

Home Screen Shortcut: The PWA site can be installed in the home screen like a native app by the mobile users.

Secure: For enhanced security, PWA sites use HTTPS connections.

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The Approach of PWA:

PWA is the latest technology that combines the advantages of both native apps and websites.  You can easily pin a website to the home screen of your phone and also cope with offline phases and use the machine sensors. But when it is regarding Magento development, PWAs are the future.

Here is why?

PWAs Allow to Decouple Backend and Frontend:

PWAs are built using a JavaScript framework like AngularJS, React, Vue.js for handling the data and displaying it.  They communicate with the backend, Magento 2 via REST APIs in the background and add some caching layer and have a frontend that is super fast and covers the same functionality as the traditional frontend of Magento. 

And since Magento doesn’t use the frontend layer anymore, this approach is called the headless Magento.

The UI Components:

The UI components are developed by the core team of Magento for a modern, and extensible frontend that can cope up with various components. The components are self-dependent and can easily access other components by using a well-defined interface.

They are used in the Admin and the checkout mostly and there are plans to extend the usage to the frontend, and replace the old layout system.

So, to conclude, the free progressive web app for Magento 2 is a wonderful combination of apps and webs and it applies to the modern web capability and delivers an amazing app like experience to the mobile users.

This results in enhanced customer experience, more traffic, increased conversions, and sales volumes.


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