New WordPress App Launched For Windows Phone

New WordPress App Launched For Windows Phone

Beginners often ask why it is a good idea to choose WordPress for their business website. People often make a great mistake of classifying WordPress as simply a blogging platform. Yes, this used to be true in the past, but with time WordPress development has evolved into a versatile content management system. While you can still use this platform to create a blog, but it also allows you to create feature rich and functional websites and mobile applications. Today, the best part about this framework is that it is an easy to use and flexible platform that powers 22% of all the websites on internet. Now you can also use WordPress App for the Windows Phone 8 devices and the app offers great User Interface. In this blog, I will discuss with you more about this application of WordPress that empowers you to write, edit, manage your WordPress site over the phone.

We all are aware of the fact that the browser remains the most convenient and popular means of managing the WordPress site from a PC, but the company Automattic offers the users a more focused tool to complete the task of managing the web content easily. It announced an app for Windows, Linux and OS X and the reason behind launching this PC app is to make it easier for the users to focus on their web content by reducing the hassles and distractions that are involved with working inside a tabbed browser environment. The applications have been created completely in the Metro style and integrate some of the latest features of Windows 8.

Some Important Features of the WordPress Windows App:

The editor:  One of the most vital and new feature is the editor, as Automattic provides a sleek and new design with a few buttons on the screen. It is all about writing and immersing yourself in the words and thinking less about tweaking the post options.

My sites Dashboard: Another important feature of the app is my sites dashboard that allows the users to manage all and self-hosted sites from a single dashboard. In future, you may have to install the jetpackplugin to connect with CMS.

Insights and stats: While publishing any post, what you are interested to know is about the stats and the performance of the post. This new feature of the WordPress App offers the users a clear view of the notification like new comments, post views, and new follows on your dashboard.

Thus, the app gives the users an easy access to all the features that can be typically accessed in WordPress. Though it may take some time to adjust to some of the features, but in the long run it is very beneficial and will be more productive.

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