New Year New Hopes New Aspirations and New Achievements

New Year; New Hopes; New Aspirations and New Achievements

Adios 2009 and Hola 2010. A typical Spanish greeting certainly won’t make a difference as long as the New Year spirits are high! The year has been good and all predictions made by Madame Piris came true. For the uninitiated, Madam Piris is the local fortune teller with an elite clientele whose predictions mostly are not even close to coming true. The firm has been working on a lot of projects that have been pouring in. Hmmm…the promoters made a lot of money and the employees got tipped off well. Bottomline: A Satisfactory Year! The promotions and reviews were good too! All the clients said that the services were beyond their expectations! After all, our personnel had worked really hard to make every undertaken campaign successful.

The coming year looks to be quite challenging. Especially when you are all set to augment your customer base, the parade only keeps increasing. Do not call me lecherous, but every organization looks forward to amplify its client base. How different am I? I also wish to grow big, bigger than any conglomerate, bigger than my nearest rival! Yes I am hungry! Not for cheeseburgers though, but for demanding clients asking for the toughest of IT solutions that can push our team to their limits and make them more innovative. Also, I want more people working for me! By no stretch of imagination am I a tyrant, but it certainly gives me a kick to know that I can employ more people! More people, more projects, more money…!!!

The organization needs to push the ante up as far as the internet marketing services are concerned! The going has been good till now and will certainly be better as we keep progressing with time! The motto so far was to conquer a level that our clients found us reliable enough to trust us on anything related to internet and development services. Subsequently, we also designed our services in such a way that would be of optimum advantage to them. Writing this with a lot of pride, all our solutions have proven to be in the best of interest to them and have benefitted them in many ways. Be it their rankings on all the renowned search engines, their online reputation of being successful and credible service providers or eliminating all the odious cogs that might be malicious towards their growth, IDS Logic has seen the light at the end of every challenging tunnel.

But having made all the declarations, 2010 is certainly going to be very different. The organization is all set to expand its profile of providing more value added services in the web domain. The aim is to try and cover every vertical that might affect the fundamentals of web services and strengthen the arsenal of the services being deployed. The research and development team has been working very hard in finding out technological manoeuvres that would play a constructive role in adding robustness to enterprises.

The idyllic way to look forward is to wish everyone out there a very prosperous and healthy 2010. Work hard, chase excellence and be innovative!

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