Online Marketing Process – Business Making Points - Redefined

Online Marketing Process – Business Making Points – Redefined

Affiliate marketing emerged out of internet marketing. Its benefits have been talked about very highly. Internet marketing started when the web explosion happened. Before the web became as active as it is today, there were times when the web simply was not there. Marketing happened through traditional marketing channels and products were promoted in other ways. The creative heads had to think of multiple ways in which the product could be brought in front of the public eye so that it became visible and people knew about it.

Radio, television, newspapers, magazines, journals, public meetings and conferences, hoardings, pamphlets, banners, announcements etc. were some of the channels through which marketing was done. Radio talk shows ensured that marketing personnel could send one of their representatives who in turn would talk about their latest launch. He could also debate about current consumer trends and how their product would make a difference to the lives of the consumers.

Television has always helped in making a direct appearance in front of consumers. They got to see the person, they got to see the product and when supported by a robust marketing campaign, they got to see the pros of the product as well. Nothing impresses the eye more than good visuals. This is why television has always been one of the most and best preferred mediums for marketing. Ever since television came, marketing and advertising has been there.

The product and the service have always been advertised on newspapers and magazines. People read them and got to know them better. They are fond of going through columns and seeing whether there is a product that would benefit them or be of use to them. Public meetings ensured that the advertisers got a chance to interact directly with consumers and answered questions pertinent to the product. This way, the public always had a chance to scrutinize the product and analyze its pros and cons well. They got a chance to weigh in their options.

Online marketing and offline marketing have been two channels that have dominated the marketing domain for all the years, and in the case of latter, for decades. Both forms of marketing have brought in money and both continue to dominate the market space. Both are essential towards the exposure of a product as both have a legendary fan base. Online marketing covers the entire web space and addresses all the users of the web cosmos. Offline marketing has got to do with everything apart from the web. Wherever there is any form of marketing being done anywhere except for the web, it is offline marketing. Both have a global presence and both have been great channels through which marketing has been able to reach even the remotest of corners.

To say that one is better and the other is not would be a façade. Both have their own space and both have been very influential in ensuring that products got marketed well and enterprise got to make money through sales. Both offer diversity and if used smartly, can produce very impressive results.

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Amit Das
Internet Marketing Consultant

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