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Optimizing Your Ecommerce Store Product Catalogue Is Easy with These Tips

Consumers of today are always looking for easy options to gather information and do their shopping. And the best means is to check any ecommerce website for the products and even check the reviews. But with so much competition in play, it is really difficult for online business owners to remain competitive in the marketplace. While SEO and usability are considered very important for the sites when it is all about online retailing, ecommerce merchants should consider certain things that are specific to ecommerce development.

Retailers understand that having a complete, trustworthy and an optimized product catalogue can directly affect the performance of the search and also enhance the customer experience. Your online catalogue helps to showcase your products to the interested audience, but the point is that if your audience never gets their eyes on the offers or the products that you have, then it’s of no use.  

Know How shoppers Discover Products Online:

Finding the right product for yourself online is no more a daunting task. Today, with the help of computers and mobile phones, shoppers can easily search whatever they want. They go directly to the merchant websites, marketplaces like Amazon or eBay for interesting products or try to use the social media platforms like Facebook or Pinterest for their search. Not only these, buyers also make purchases based on referrals. A good review about a product shared by your friend is sure to attract you if you are looking for the same item. It is through these means that people find their products and make purchasing decisions. So, structuring and presenting your items correctly before the visitors is imperative when it is all about ranking well and converting the browsers into buyers.

Tips to Optimize Your Product Catalogue:

Create an attractive and clear product image:

Creating a better quality image is not a rocket science and latest study has revealed that larger images can increase the ecommerce sales by about 9%. Together with the image size, it is also important to maintain the quality and the quantity. Offering multiple images of a single product and showing their different features from different angles will help your shoppers to make a decision easily whether to buy or not.

Another feature that you can add to the product images is to maintain consistency throughout the store. Using same backgrounds, picture sizes and creating a harmonious browsing experience for the shoppers offers great benefits.

Use specific product names in the page titles:

The page titles and descriptions are considered to be the main source of information that are used by the search crawlers to judge the relevance of the page. Adding a specific name to your product ensures that the searchers are exactly looking for that product when they visit your page. It is also important to add the model, model number and any other variations that are applicable. And if you want you can also describe the product in the meta description.

Use the word game:

The words that you use for your product pages is highly important when in terms of search engine optimization. Keywords that are relevant to your product should be included in the title tags and the meta description as this hugely benefit and it is also important to include the keywords if possible in the URL string of the product.  Informative product titles in your ecommerce product catalogue work wonders for both humans and the search engine spiders.

Use a video on the product page:

It is vital to make your ecommerce store attractive for the visitors. Include videos on the product pages to secure more customer engagement and you will earn more backlinks that are important to build your authority over time. You can also optimize the videos by giving them a descriptive name and describing what is happening in the video. You can also consider hosting your videos on YouTube and then embedding them on your pages. A reputed ecommerce development agency can help you with the proper implementation.

Make your wares visible and keep it uncluttered:

The basic aim of all product pages should be to sell. But many online stores end up losing their customers simply because they have added numerous offers and links to the particular product. Though there is nothing wrong in it as it can boost sales, but organizing and moderating it is equally important. To keep the potential buyers focused on the product that they are viewing and at the same time offering more options, you need to display relevant additional products without crowding the space. Therefore, the key is to sell the product through the pages and also keeping in mind the varied aspects of cross selling.

Going the extra mile:

Together with the basic product description, adding some more information can work wonders for your conversion rates. By adding product reviews, 360 degree interactive images and also the stock notification features, you can go that extra mile to convince the shoppers who are interested in your products. You can also add a personal touch to their merchandise. Such additional features usually go beyond the basic production description and enables you to tell the story behind them and encourage the visitors to make a purchase.

To summarize, I can say that a clean and consistent product catalogue of your ecommerce store is your most important tool that can win more customers and generate revenues.


  • Great list – you’d be amazed at how many people miss the basics!

    Having a keyword in title tags and url is so important – but I see cases all the time where a keyword is omitted.

    If your page is selling t-shirts, you need to have “t-shirt” in your title, url and description!

    It’s incredible how many ecommerce sites leave this out.

    All the best!

  • This is the information about E commerce Website . We get more knowledge about this E commerce Website. Thanks for this Information. These are the very very important steps regarding E commerce Website.

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