Paid traffic or organic traffic which would you side with

Paid traffic or organic traffic: which would you side with?

Any website only looks good when it has a lot of traffic coming onto it. Search engines see the number of hits the website is putting up, and accordingly index them. That traffic has to be genuine, bona fide. Crawlers cannot be misled. They come to know at once while crawling through a website whether the traffic is organic or not.

That has to be watched out for. Just any traffic will not do.

There are two types of traffic, Organic and Paid. Organic Traffic is the one that comes to your website when you properly search engine optimize it, or have an SEO Campaign done on it. Paid Traffic, the more famous and preferred one, is which comes to your website because of the PPC Campaigns set up around it.
Pundits say Organic Traffic is the best. Practical Heads raise their Flag in favour of Paid Traffic. Prudence says both are vital cogs in the growth of a website.
Websites only stand a chance at sustenance and survival when a properly designed SEO Campaign is performed on them. They only grow in rank when the services are consistently performed over a period of time, spanning the entire web spectrum.
Along the way they gain credibility, get indexed many a times and bots get to crawl around for so long the site is analyzed from top to bottom. Once it is vindicated, it is set up for a long run at the top.

Paid Traffic is the only way of survival for start ups. The fact they work well for new websites and help create a brand name makes them a good bet. The ad is set up. Your business gets advertised at the top. People see it and immediately click on it.
The reason promoters prefer paid traffic is because of the urgency. PPC Ads bring instant traffic. One does not have to wait long. The moment the campaign runs out of steam, the traffic stops. That is perhaps the drawback.
SEO Campaigns make them wait. The labour only brings fruit after toil and tenacity. Though aware of this, still they want quick results for they fear somebody else might capitalize on the opportunity and run ahead of them.
Pundits have concluded there is space for both. Starts ups can run both PPC Campaigns and SEO Campaigns concurrently. One fetches their website instantaneous traffic whilst the other builds up the site for greater things to come.

The question is, what would you choose?

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