Quality Matters in SEO Content, Not Size

Quality Matters in SEO Content, Not Size

SEO Writers need to have their guard up on this topic. It is very serious. Their repertoire is at stake. Those with a fetish for length need to re-think their strategy. It may not work now. Search engines despise certain things and more aware the writers are of this, better off will they be whilst writing.

The content might be great, pristine, well drafted and edited, faultless grammar, impeccable sentence construction, laden with the right adjectives etc., but still it may fail miserably with search engines. How is that? Search engines do not buy Shakespeare. They prefer simple English, but content categorically meant for search engines. It has to have the right keywords in the right density.

Any content, however long, failing to do that gets trashed by search engines. Writers, take note!

See how lengthy the page is. Fix the word limit. Do a little math. See how many keywords can be squeezed in. Numbers matter here. The right density makes the content a star. Get the numbers wrong, and you bungle up badly.

Size does not matter here. The biggest thing that matters is for every 500 words of content the writer needs to know how many keywords to squeeze in. Consider this the thumb rule whilst proceeding with content. Bulk of the keywords goes to the top, the rest follow seed. The same rule applies for the next page, and for all the pages that follow.

How intelligent would it be of a writer to spend hours writing and editing pages altogether, only to have the search engines yawn at them! It leaves the writer distraught! Has happened with me so many times!
They say experience teaches more than anything else!

Why waste so much time, though it may still be an investment in your eyes? Why not spend little time and fix the content short? Inject the right keywords and just see how search engines get floored by your effort! It that not more intelligent?

What you write may be the best choice for textbook or for any novel, but this genre is different altogether. There are rules and every writer plays by it. You never get anything by being a degenerate! With search engines quality matters and not size. Size might sell with literary pursuers but never sells with the engines.

Website content or writing for the web is strategic. It is keyword based. Keyword is what the end user enters in the search bar. Keyword search is what leads the end user to the landing page. The website, whose content has this keyword, becomes the main source of attraction.

Search engines use this as the ultimate benchmark to rank websites. Make sure you write well. Just reduce the length, focus more on quality. It works.

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