Reasons Why This is the Right Time to Invest in Node.JS Development

Reasons Why This is the Right Time to Invest in Node.JS Development

Javascript is considered to be one of the most popular programming languages and it has gained popularity in the field of web development. Earlier, writing the backend in Javascript offered by Node.JS was something unique, but today there are various companies that are choosing it as their primary software technology. So, if you are planning to create a real time web application, then hiring a Node JS development company can help you attain your business goals.

Node.JS is the most used development framework, but why? If you are new to software development, then understanding Node.js development should be your first step.

What is Node.JS?

Node.JS development executes the JavaScript codes that are outside of the browser and it is an open source, JavaScript runtime environment that is based on chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It was introduced in the year 2009 and since then it has gained popularity as one of the most exciting software in the current JavaScript universe. If you are planning for something big and innovative, then Node.JS can be the best choice before you.

Reasons Why Node.JS is the Best Technology Today:

Helps in Improving the Productivity and Efficiency:

Node.JS development is a JavaScript runtime environment that allows the developers to merge the backend and the frontend into a single team. This helps to improve the efficiency of any web development process and the latest features in it allow everyone to use it in areas, which were not accessible earlier.

So, when it comes to productivity, Node.JS is a multi-dimensional one and organizations could easily reduce the dependencies and generate more efficiency by easily combining the backend and the frontend teams. It is also known for its high speed and its ability to fetch the content.

Goes Well with Microservices:

Another important reason of investing in this framework is that it goes very well with microservices. It plays a great role in supporting the serverless approach and helps to demonstrate the effectiveness in enterprise grade projects. Microservices offers a wide range of benefits in terms of performance of the organization, debugging and etc. and divides different aspects of the application into separate services. So if you have any such requirement, then hiring a Node.js service provider in India for your business makes it easier for you to use the microservices for your project.


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Offers a Single Codebase:

It allows the developers to write the JavaScript code for both the backend and the frontend and this makes it easier to send the data from the server and the client thereby, offering instant data synchronization. The changes made in the data are immediately reflected in the client as Meteor.js, which is a full stack web app framework built on top of Node.js.

Great Option for Startups:

Choosing the right and feature rich platform is essential for the startups, and Node.JS is the right technology stack as it offers various factors like the speed of development, scalability and etc. It is also easy for the developers to learn and grasp and there is no requirement to switch from the front end and back end. The applications written using this technology needs less code compared to any other language. Node.JS developers can also reuse the code and share it between multiple applications. This helps to enhance the development process.

It Supports IoT:

About 95% of the IoT companies choose to use Node.JS for application development and it is used to boost the productivity and to create highly scalable modern applications. Node.JS is the best choice for developing the Internet of Things applications. the Node Package Manage contain more than 30 packages for sensors and devices that can generate data by generating requests. Node.js handles these requests with the help of streams and the packages not only make a successful arrangement. but it also gives a chance to the developers to reuse and to refresh the codes without much effort.

Real Time Web App and Data Streaming:

If you have plans to create gaming apps, the Node.JS comes with some incredible features that can make your app superfast. This framework is best for programs that call for an event based server, which manages the server and the client side

Node.JS also effectively helps in managing synchronous I/O from the root and it solves the network development problems easily. It also uses the best attributes and reduces the processing time.


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