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Reasons Why Your Android Mobile Application May Fail. Here Is How to Avoid Them

With numerous mobile apps available in the app stores now, it is a great advantage for the users today, but there is fierce competition that makes it a big and challenging task for the business owners who are willing to create android mobile apps to drive their business. It is true that millions of apps are developed every year and only less than 1% becomes successful.

The concept of app failure is beyond a bug or any defect that can be improved. There are various common sets of issues that are likely to cause an app to fail. So, it is very important to be aware of all these issues as it will prevent your app from failure.

To make your Android mobile app development compete and win the race of downloads.


Factors that You Need to Know that Might become the Reason of Your App Failure


A Poorly Developed Mobile App Strategy:

If your Android mobile app fails, it will be mainly due to the lack of a solid strategy.  Without a strong foundation, you cannot develop a process or build a high quality product. The strategies that don’t consider the end users into account can never satisfy the users as the experiences differ in almost every scenario and this contributes to an endless possibility of the use case issues.


Inadequate Market Research:

The notion of the mobile app development that you came is undoubtedly the solution to a specific problem that you want to solve. But if you don’t do any market research, then it won’t be clear as to what people are interested in and how your Android mobile app can solve the problem. So, you need to seek for a Unique Selling Proposition of your product.

Another most important thing is that you should know how your thoughts can perform over others, analyze the other competitors and address their pain points so as to take your mobile app to the next stage of designing.


Poor User Interface:

People using your Android mobile app will always look for a great user interface, but if you don’t take care of your application design, then your app will have a high chance to get rejected by the users, which will finally lead to their failure due to poor user experience.  If in any case they are not satisfied with the design, they will uninstall it in no time. Some reasons that may lead to poor user interface are:

  1. Problems with app performance
  2. Bad UI
  3. The app doesn’t fit with the screen of the device
  4. Non standard GUI controls


Your Application is Full of Errors:

Users usually don’t use any application that is full of bugs. A crash is enough to offend a customer who can leave a negative review and once you start to get a poor feedback from your potential customers, your chances of getting new users will reduce. Though it is really tough to release a 100% bug free application, but the developers should make every possible effort to test their application to identify the bugs and make the app error free.


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App Takes too Much Time to Run:

Your mobile app should load and perform very fast because users don’t like to wait for a longer time as they tend to lose their patience. Users also get disappointed with the endless registration forms and apps with long loading time. Any time consuming app is often deleted. Therefore, remember to decide carefully before adding any new feature as it will add a few more seconds and increase the loading time of the Android mobile app.

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