Recession And India

Recession And India

Battling recession could have painful side effects. These are tough times for job seekers and employees across the world. As the corporate world reels under an economic recession, more and more people are losing their jobs in the US.

Now the question is that “Is Indian economy is also in recession?”

Is it affecting Indian economy too? If you put the same question in Google u are going to get numerous answers such as “I don’t believe even for one second that India is into recession.” Some people will say “India is not in recession but slowly moving into it.” Different People… different views…….

But when compared to our western counterparts, we find that Indian companies are not giving out the pink slips in droves. There are various reasons for this…..
Dependency of Indian economy is not similar to the country like Japan, China and European nation. Our stringent investment policy and domestic demand will help us in this time of recession.

We Indians are firm believers in saving money and spending in thrift. So India won’t go into a sub-prime crisis.

And at most important India’s growth story is not due to any external factors.

There are some companies in India which are doing employees cut especially in IT sector. However, On the other hand there are companies such as Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro have denied any job cuts, stating that the recession would not hit the IT industry.

As in other aspects of life, in economics and finance also, the rule still holds water – What goes down should come up. And what comes up should definitely go down”. Be it sensex, economy, happiness, sadness, success, failure, love, hatred….. You can just play the game of the gods…

As one of our great poet quotes “World is a stage…” Good and bad things are the part of the life….Now it depends upon you…. What is good for u and what is bad…I shared my opinion and tried to put facts and my thoughts through this article….And I welcome your suggestions too…………

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