Reverse SEO Attacks

Reverse SEO Attacks

Reverse SEO is a technique of decreasing a competitor’s rank in the Google Search Engine. Reverse SEO attacks can bring down any online business when the company site gets banned by Google.The attack can come from malicious competitors, unhappy employees or dissatisfied customers by posting negative threads, bad reviews etc. Such online reporting may or may not be true. However large companies don’t feel the impact of the negative publicity and move on but small firms are more dangerous to such attacks.

Such websites do not deliver and cannot last too long. Social networking sites are the comfortable platforms where unsatisfied customers, unhappy employees, journalists, and malicious competitors can voice their opinion, which may demolish the Online Reputation.To protect the Online Reputation of the business, Reverse SEO tools are applied to assure that sites with negative publicity do not show on top of search results. The tool can be used as a defense mechanism to protect a company. It takes months and years of effort to develop online reputation.
There are two simple ways that protect the website from the SEO attacks.

1. Set up Google Alerts to Monitor Your Brand: Setting up the alert system is not avoidable as you will be immediately intimated in case anyone uses your website name online. If a competitor attempts to betray you online, you will see it immediately and be able to offer some sort of argument. Even you can ask an administrator of the website to manually remove the comments.

2. Set up a Link Monitoring Service Account: It is good to set up an account with any link monitoring service. This service gives a high visibility of link spikes and makes a breakdown report daily on links that are discovered in a day. Such reports will act as a weapon to combat the harmful bad links.

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Archana Bhat Mantoo
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