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Revolutionize Sitecore Development by Using the Power of Docker

Sitecore CMS is quickly gaining popularity as it has the ability to cater to mid-market commercials, non-profit organizations, government organizations, large enterprises and etc. that need integration, scalability or enterprise level functionality.

Today, it has become a product where the cloud and containers play a great role and with companies mastering the use of Sitecore CMS, they need options that can support true cloud scale deployment. It is here that docker and cloud services like AWS or Azure come into effect.

IT administrators and developers can now create customized Docker scripts to make sure that the delivery process follows the policies that are set by the enterprise.

Understanding Docker:

Innovation in any organization comes from technology, where software companies need to empower their developers in order to deliver new customer experiences.


Docker is a software platform that enables the user to build, test and also deploy applications quickly. 


The packages are standardized units that are called containers having everything that the software needs to run that includes libraries, system tools, codes and runtime. It is by using Docker that you can easily deploy and scale the application into any environment and ensure that the code will run.

Docker allows organizations to attain their goals by offering the only end to end experience for developing distributed applications while leveraging the tools, people and processes that they have in place today. 

Are You Looking for Sitecore Development Solutions?

In addition to creating applications, the Docker platform offers end to end security at scale without having to slow down the innovation by offering automated governance and compliance throughout the application lifestyle.


One of the greatest benefits of using Docker is the dramatic reduction of resources and time that are used in the development process by creating an entire development environment within a fraction of time. Works that used to take a few hours or over a day can now be completed faster. 


Why should You Use Docker with Sitecore?

Using Docker with Sitecore has some great benefits. The first one is its ability to scale the site by running more containers while using only fewer server resources.  You can also push containers up to Azure to have similar things hosted externally is also useful. Using Sitecore with docker has the following benefits:

  1. Once the initial container is created, it is quick to stand up
  2. Scaling the changing needs of the project is easier
  3. Allows a clean deployment process for all the platforms supporting Docker
  4. The Docker tools help in management, monitoring and even migration
  5. Non Sitecore developers can easily create a working local instance
  6. Offers consistency in snapshots, rollouts and production environments

When you end with multiple instances of Sitecore, you end up with a lot of versions of xConnect or Solr. Managing all of them and ensuring that appropriate stuff is running can be a daunting task.


With Docker, you just need containers for each project and when you need to work on it, all you need to do is to start the resources for that site.


This is a lot easier and tidier for users and developers who have joined recently can easily pull down the right container and easily start.


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