SEO for JOOMLA Website - Some Easy Steps

SEO for JOOMLA Website – Some Easy Steps

It is obvious that a website requires to be optimized for better ranking in the search engines and therefore there are a few key steps that must be followed to do the SEO of one’s Joomla website. The Joomla CMS has been a well-liked alternative for websites for a few years now. Early on, it lacked in SEO features, but it become visible to be growth in this area. Following are such some basic steps to help make your Joomla site SEO-friendly:

1. Make use of the Keyword in the Title Tag

Keyword is the leader phrase for making use of it in the title and this tag affects in ranking a page of website during searches on search engines. You have to be very careful whereas choosing the title tag as Joomla employs It will also be the text used in any insite links.

2. Use anchor text of Inbound Links

Anchor text is the group of words that are appear in blue colour and are usually underlined (link) for a link from one website to another page. Using inbound links with keywords for your articles want to be better ranking for.

3. Global Link Popularity of Site (Page Rank)

The number of pages are linking to user page is known as link popularity or in Google, Page Rank. The more then sites are link to your main page, the better. Joomla is a CMS that helps you include content speedily. Generate one valuable content page with your website per day. Quality content is the main thing to receiving bound links for a site that will perform well, ultimately you have to 200 odd pages of content. This is the important point. That “QUICK SEO IS DEAD”. The only way to perform well in SEO now is to have a rich content site.

4. Site maturity means Age of Site

How is old your site means when was registration for the domain.

Here is not much that you can do about this time period, but there is evidence that suggests that how long you have your domain registered for makes a difference. One should note that spam websites are not very old and therefore are not trustworthy. The age of the domain is assessed to reviewer the site’s trustworthiness.

5. Link Popularity within the Site

is the same as link popularity difference only the number of links to the page from inside your own domain. You can make anchor links within site under the headings like:

  • linked titles setting
  • Make good use of the Most Read, Latest Stories, Related Items or Archives.
  • A sitemap component that links directly to your homepage is more effective for website.

6. Topical Relevance of Inbound Links

It is important that you get quality inbound links for site. This means they have to be from a site that is topically related to your page and one that has a high Page Rank.

7. Keyword Use in Body Text

the keyword density of the phrase you are optimizing for in the content of the page. Still important, the German study identified some interesting results.

  • Targeted keywords in the paragraphs that appear in the beginning and in the end. There is a simple trick to use here for write your superiority content, and then. One can use the keyword density tool to check the density and THEN, take the top three words and add them to the keywords in the meta title of the page (in Joomla admin).
  • Keywords in H2-H6 headline tags appear to have a power on the rankings while keywords in H1 headline tags seem to be getting less valuable.
  • Using keywords in bold and strong tags- slight effect, same with image alt tags and filenames this is increase keyword density.

8. Reduce File Size

The file size should not be bigger for smaller site size having problems in getting optimize the site. Therefore if you are use heavy graphics in your website designing then make sure the sizes are small so that they don’t deter the process of SEO.

9. Keep a simple URL

Keep simpler URL because this will be very easy for people to remember it.

10. Develop Your Error Pages

Mostly companies not remember about error pages such as 404 errors. Error pages should forever re-direct “lost” users to valuable, text-based pages. Insertion text links to major site pages is an excellent practice. To make the error page fit with the rest of the Joomla theme of your site, generate an uncategorized site and then copy the source as viewed on a webpage, and put that into the 404 file.

Contributed by:

Archna Gupta
Internet Marketing Consultant


  • Thank you for your post it is really, great i heared as well joomla web site are good for seo as well, there is no problems with it, but thats really true there is no good seo with out good work involved, there is no such things like that free links to increase your traffice etc.

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