Some Dos and Don’ts During Custom Software Development

The debate of “build versus buys” in the software development always seems to have favored the custom software development and today more and more businesses are recognizing the implications of customization on their business growth. With increased competition in the market, it has become imperative for every business to differentiate itself from their competitors.

but even after custom development has seen its fair share, it has not been far aware from failing. So, it is extremely important that your project is well planned and executed.

Here in this blog, I will discuss with you some of the dos and don’ts of custom software development:

Keep it User Centered and Don’t Create the Application for Yourself:

Designing a software with yourself in mind is very easy because you are aware of your likes and dislikes. But it is not so easy to assume what others like or think. This is called the False Consensus Effect. For example, if you are tech savvy, you may create a functionality design for your app that is quite complicated and when you are directing the functionality, you can insist on a complicated user interface.

But the fact is that, you should carefully consider what the general users wants and is going to appreciate. Though it may be difficult to take yourself out of it, but if you create something purely based on your choice then, be sure that no one will use it.

Don’t Ignore Preparation. Start Well with Pre Planning:

Business owners who are looking for a quick custom solution for their apps mostly hire developers who agree to unreasonable deadlines and this has a negative effect on the following stages of development. Not gathering the essential elements from the beginning can of course leave the company unprepared for any additional changes and thus, the timeline for your project has to be pushed back which will ultimately escalate the cost involved.

So, prepare a planning stage as it will allow the developers to ensure that the project stays on the right track.


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Don’t Allow Misunderstandings and Miscommunication:

Any misunderstanding of the business requirements will often lead to major issues while creating the app and this will again lead to waste of time and money. Keep the lines of communication open and actively communicate with the client team about their technical requirements and then provide a timeline for creating the prototypes.

It is very difficult to visualize how your app would look like and how it would function unless there is a prototype.  Though it is difficult to visualize how an app would look like, it is a good idea to ensure that you have a good communication with the management and gather the feedback at every stage of the development.

Don’t Neglect QA Testing. Plan for a Thorough Software Testing

Your testing team should not be negligent towards post development issues like the bugs, security licenses and form functionalities. This could have a negative impact of the launch of your custom application and it may also face various issues after post launch.

So, ensure that your custom application is not launched until all the aspects are thoroughly tested and are also up to the standards. A complete testing will ensure compatibility, high performance and interface security, which is highly important for a custom software development.

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