Steps to Follow While Creating an ASP.NET MVC Application

Steps to Follow While Creating an ASP.NET MVC Application

ASP.NET is a popular open source framework which is widely used by both business owners and developers to create web apps and dynamic web pages. First released in the month of January in the year 2020, the initial version of ASP.NET has gone through various changes that has addressed most of the drawbacks that were exiting with the previous versions and today it supports a wide range of programing models like ASP.NET web forms, MVC web pages and also applications and many more.

.NET web application has gained much popularity and there has been a lot of demand for .NET developers. So, here in this blog we will see the steps needed to create a .NET web application development from scratch along with some idea of the MVC model.

Understanding the ASP.Net MVC:

ASP.Net MVC is an open source software where the web development framework combines the features of the model view controller architecture and the most updated ideas and technique from the Agile development and this is the best part of the exiting ASP.NET platform. This MVC web application can be created by using the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE by following some basic steps.

There are a few requirements that should be met before developing any application. This includes knowledge of any programming languages like C# and additionally, a basic and clear knowledge of ASP.NET development is also needed. To give the front end touch to the entire application, one has to know any of the web development and the developers should also know web development languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript and etc. The next thing involves the installation of Visual Studio and a higher version than Visual Studio 2015 is needed. Versions which are lower than this won’t be compatible.


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Your ASP.Net Project Development can Include the Following Parts:

  • A specific template engine to render languages like the HTML which is known as the Razor template engine.
  • A particular framework known as the Entity framework which can be explained as an ORM and that allows the users to access various databases within the application without even having a deep knowledge of SQL or details of the database.
  • An ASP.NET identity that can be used in the same. The framework is developed on the basis of the Entity framework and it is used to manage the users and their roles.
  • A bootstrap CSS framework is needed which is a front end CSS framework that is very easy to learn and at the same time it is also friendly.

 Another interesting fact of ASP.Net framework is that you don’t have to learn every part of it to create an app or a website. It is with some customization and knowledge that you can easily develop the application.

Set Up the Environment for ASP.NET Development:

 Your ASP.NET developer can create an MVC application with the latest and the appropriate version of Visual Studio and a .NET framework and also by consulting various other development services. Any developer or a ASP. Net development company can install the MVC version, visual studio and the .net framework and after installing these three, the developer can create their application on ASP.NET. The development of application works on a certain process like:

Create: In order to create an ASP.NET application you need to use a combination of backend and front end programming languages:

Retrieve: Information can be retrieved whenever and wherever needed.

Update:  Once the application is made, it can be updated according to the changing preferences and the changing technological advancements.

Delete: You can delete the drawbacks and the limitations of the application.   


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