The Contributions of Moodle in Distance Learning

The Contributions of Moodle in Distance Learning

With different types of innovations and communication means hitting the world, it is really exciting to find that the traditional means of imparting knowledge in schools and universities have also been impacted to a great extent. Today, the new methods of learning that are referred to as e-learning is growing and with the increased use of internet, the various forms of multimedia technology have also contributed a lot to online learning.

Due to hectic schedules or some other engagement there are many people who opt for distance learning, a process that connects the users to the distributed educational resources. This is of course a modern approach to education where the information technology acts as an intermediary to connect the trainers and the learners.

This concept of distance learning is actually applicable to all the levels of education and most of the renowned organizations have DLS form of education in their curricula.

Moodle Provides Adaptivity in e-Education System

Moodle learning platform, which is a free and open source platform acts as a great supporting tool for distance learning. Many universities and educational institutes all over the globe, in order to equalize the level of knowledge that is offered to the students introduced a practice of exchanging ideas via telecommunication technologies.

The professors give lectures, which is then transmitted over the internet to various other locations.

With these long term intensions in education, it is believed that instead of people, ideas are what should travel and this would significantly reduce the faculty material costs.

Distance learning signifies an instructional mode that does not need the presence of the professors or the students in the same room. And this is where Moodle comes to help.

Moodle LMS development helps to easily create, modify and also manage the online courses and easily access the content and other related documents that are important for the educational institutions and the learners. Studies have shown that Moodle is one of the most popular e-learning systems in use and an increasing number of institutions are using this platform to develop and improve their teaching process.

Teaching Strategies in Distance Education

Distance learning is preferred by many people because it gives a great opportunity to continue with learning without having to worry about the location and distance. Moodle LMS has helped organizations create courses, i.e. develop software packages designed to help the teachers to create online courses and to view the results of the students. Such e-learning system are referred to as “systems of distance learning”.

Today Moodle is used by schools, universities and individual instructors, to improve teaching by using web technology. The faculties can decide to manage the learning process to increase their availability anytime, the ability to handle thousands of users simultaneously.

Moodle 3.5- What The Latest Release Brings with It for The Users

Moodle LMS helps the teachers and organizations with full support to implement online courses. Some of the most important options are production of large number of courses on a single system in varied forms, scheduling of activities and calendar, working with the existing educational materials, production of varied types of test, tracking of activities of the users, management system backup and etc.

Since Moodle is designed to be used for education where learning takes place at different types, it is best suitable for distance education, where students don’t have to attend the traditional classrooms to do a course.

It is obvious that the concept of distance learning system is tremendously developing and Moodle is contributing a lot, as it offers a significant advantage to the students of not losing anything in terms of teaching quality and also the volume of knowledge that is acquired through distance learning.

Not only this, it also allows the learners a great opportunity to learn at a pace that best suits them, thereby making it easier to reconcile studies with other commitments of life.

Moodle LMS in distance learning helps to continuously upgrade in accordance with the objectives and purpose of the education development strategy and contribute to attaining several key objects of long term development.

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