The Google Button takes your website plus 1 step ahead

The Google Button takes your website ‘+1’ step ahead

Google has been competing with Facebook for a long time now, news that has already become stuff of Silicon Valley folklore. Eric Schmidt has openly confessed to have been disturbed by the emerging Facebook phenomenon, and attempts to thwart its emerging superiority over Google are still on.

What is the latest move from the search engine? You will definitely ‘Like’ it.

Recall the ‘Like’ button on Facebook pages? Google has put on a similar one too. Now here is the creative difference. Unlike the button that is always there when you log onto Facebook, Google’s very own ‘Like’ shown up directly on the search results. You sign onto your Google Account, and you will always see search results that have been recommended with +1 show up.
Though it has been around since the last week of March this year, its placement had been confined to ads and search results. Now the windows have opened. The developer’s code has been released, paving way for website promoters to install it on their websites.

If you like a page, just +1 it, and your fiend will be there to see it.

Get ready to see these +1 signs on your favorite websites. Now you will be seeing them almost everywhere, right from Twitter to LinkedIn and others. After all, Google just went ‘+1’ step ahead!

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