The Impact of Google Real Time Search on PPC, SEO and ORM

The Impact of Google Real Time Search on PPC, SEO and ORM

Real time search is touted to have a huge impact on the way Google displays results. For those who thought that establishing a concrete difference between various forms of social media might be a taxing job, a change in thought pattern is the need of the hour as real time search is all set to change the rules of the game. Real time results will be a regular feature in search engine result pages and will give the user the surplus information that one always seeks for. Google has modified its search engine algorithms to accommodate this new facility which will also have inputs from many social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

At the same time, experts say that there is a flip side to this. The probability of abuse is also high with spamming being the biggest threat. Windows will be expected to pop in quickly and the traffic expectations are sky high. The speed is also being debated against the accuracy quotient. Many are questioning whether precision has been compromised for speed and whether relevance might take a beating in the melee. This latest revelation has also raised concerns over the accuracy of the content. Inaccurate results are being said to be a good possibility, something that might tick the users off.

Another question arising in the minds of the user is, will this affect search engine revenue models like PPC, ORM and SEO? All these businesses will have to be handled carefully as marketers will have to focus more on them. Since a lot of content will be made available, all the bogus write ups will have to be jettisoned retaining only the relevant part. Organizations are expected to invest more on their PPC, SEO and CRM campaigns to solidify their presence towards the top spot, a task that is going to become harder.

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