The Meaning of Happiness in Our Life

The Meaning of Happiness in Our Life

Happiness is all about the feelings. What we feel, what we see, What we hear…
As we know that we try to hunt for the happiness in our day to day routine. Some-times we get it and some times we don’t. I would like to recall the golden statement of Rajnish OSHO he used to say that “Happiness is in our Heart, We only need to reveal it out”.
Our happiness always depend on our Karmas.

If we do well, we can feel good. We make goal for our life and the moment we achieve it happiness start raining around us. I believe that we must try to be happy and we must try to find out all the methods which can keep us happy. Happiness and satisfaction should be only goals in our life and we must try to achieve those goals and therefore, we must try to attain a fearless life because fear brings all heaviness on our mind and till fears are there, we shall not attain happiness.

What are the keys to a happy life? Being a human being we always try to find out our happiness in the life. But the major question is, we really look for happiness in the right places? That is for sure, everyone wants to live a happy life and enjoy the life that we always wanted, but we are probably searching for happiness in the wrong things. Here I would like to tell you few ways to be Happy.

  • Be positive: We should always try to be positive in our life. Remember only positive waves attract happiness. So always try to have positive thoughts.
  • Health is wealth: Sometimes its really difficult to be happy when we have pain in the body or suffering from any disease. So always try to be healthy and strong in life.
  • Work is worship: Love your work and believe in your work. One of the great ways to get a happy moment when you think that your work is Worship.

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