New and Exciting Features in Umbraco V8 That Offers a Better Experience

The New and Exciting Features in Umbraco V8 That Offers a Better Experience

If you are an Umbraco CMS lover and have a website developed on it, then you must be eagerly waiting for Umbraco 8 –  the upcoming version which will be released later this year with some more powerful content management features and some major new additions. Website owners are now waiting to migrate to the new version and their wait is soon going to end as the CMS with its 8th version is just around the corner.

So here in this blog, I will share with you lots of exiting things that are just on their way.

A Look at Some of the New Features:

Variants: Today’s consumers and website audiences want a browsing experience that is specific to their needs and search intent. As per a study conducted by Infosys, about 31% of the consumers wish that their shopping experience is more personalized than what they are experiencing at present. The study has also stated that 44% are likely to become repeat buyers after they have a great personal experience and about 37% will not consider to make a purchase from a company where they get the wrong information.

Umbraco 8 will have a new feature of Variants, which will allow the properties of the content on your site to change it based on some rules about the visitors and their behaviors and also on the language, location, channels and campaigns.

Infinite editing The new version of Umbraco development will also have great improvements to the editor experience and it will be easier to work with the CMS back office with Infinite editing.  It is a frictionless editing experience that will help the publishers to edit pieces of content in a single place without clicking around the CMS, saving much of your time and sanity. This means that the pages on the site can easily be edited, make specific changes from your window and get back to editing and creating the specific page.

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Infinite editing helps to reduce much of your time that is spent on clicking around the CMS trying to find the media and the content and using the time where it matters most thereby creating content that converts and keeps your website visitors engaged.

Multilingual capabilities:  The latest Umbraco 8 will now have multilingual editing features, and provide default and mandatory languages with a great user experience that is tailored to be simpler than the earlier version. This feature will allow the managers to edit the pages in different languages, easily navigate between the two with a drop down on the page.

This format will also help with personalization and allow the managers to make variations on the same page based on the targeting parameters.

Content apps: This is another latest feature in Umbraco 8 where the site owner or the content editor can easily add a tab to the content or any other media items in the editing interface. The tabs will allow the developers to create tabs or apps that are very specific to the content or media item.

The apps can be anything that you want and will help to improve the content editing experience via the ecosystem of Umbraco apps. It will also allow you to analyze the content of your site as opposed to the big data in Google analytics.

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