The New Google Analytics Dashboards Help Get Great Insights

The New Google Analytics Dashboards Help Get Great Insights

The world recently got a glimpse of the newly developed Google Analytics Interface. The multiple dashboards, customized with flexible widgets and essential metrics are a delight to operate on.

It is imperative to know a few things about the Google Analytics Dashboards. How to create multiple dash boards, possibilities regarding newer ones, suggestions to include new features in them and a few examples of customized ones are certain things to explore.

Multiple Dashboards
An end user gets the liberty to create around 20 dash boards for each profile, solely because of the new Google Analytics. For each department, there can be a separate dashboard. In case of multiple dashboards, the main one can be used to get an overview with the other dedicated to separate traffic sources.
The end user gets a quick, rapid and comprehensive overview regarding the movement of every traffic source, insights into metrics like visits, bounce rate, goals, revenue etc. For detailed information on a traffic source, different analytics reports can be referred to.

Addition of Widgets
Four very important widgets include metric, pie chart, timeline and table. All 4 have important roles, help users out with flexibility to create their own personal dashboards. Metric helps find out the value for a single metric, also its percentage compared to the total over time. The breakdown for a single metric clustered within a dimension of six slices can be found out through the pie chart. The timeline helps show a graph for a couple of metrics over time. The table helps study a table with one dimension up to 2 metrics with 10 rows.

Combine these widgets with available filter options and you get to create your own customized dashboard.

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