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The Secret Advantages of Integrating ERP with Your Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce has become the most revolutionary means of selling products and services in a relatively low cost. Online business was once considered as a great opportunity for big business owners on the web. But this concept has changed and today, even small business owners are considering an e-store for their business to expand their reach and to sell more. As the business develops, there also comes a need to become proficient in different business operations and that is the time when most organizations understand they are in need of an ERP program that should be incorporated with their ecommerce store. There are many ERP software available like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, open source ERP like Odoo, NetSuit and etc.

There are great benefits of integrating an ERP system with your ecommerce website. Let’s take a look at it in this blog:

Get free from error prone manual data entry task:

We all know that with business growth there comes a lot of data entry tasks, which are actually very prone errors when done manually. Different business information like Order Information, Payment and Shipping Information, Customer Details actually match up with the ERP that helps to dispense the need of any manual tasks. ERP integration with ecommerce development helps to reduce the mistakes that are caused due to manual entry and also helps to increase the efficiency by robotizing the jobs.

Increased customer satisfaction:

The growth of any business totally depends on how heavily it depends on the satisfied and happy customers. With an ERP system integrated in your e-store, it becomes very easy to offer your customers updated data about the products, real time stock levels, order tracking details, current stock levels and etc. The availability of real time data from the ERP system enables the customers to view the current inventory, shipping details and this overall helps to reduce the cost of the operations of the company.

Improved analytics reports as you get complete data in one place:

Whenever you get complete data that comes together from various areas in one place, it provides a unique ability to generate improved reports that help you to see the real picture of the entire online business and not just a portion of it. An ecommerce development company can always help you to integrate an ERP with your ecommerce store and this in turn helps you to analyze your overall sales and also generate comprehensive reports that help to take better and informed business decisions.

Increase efficiency and gain competitive advantage:

As online business is not just about listing your products and assisting your customers to purchase them. If you have an online business, then there are various things that you most probably have to manage like Accounting, CRM, Sales Pipeline and many more. Performing all the tasks manually without any ERP system often makes the business very unproductive and also very time consuming. Once an efficient ERP is integrated into your ecommerce store, all your back office business operations are perfectly streamlined and automated and this helps your business to remain ahead of the competitive market.

“Thus, in brief using an integrated ERP ecommerce system offers a lot of advantages to your business and helps you to increase the efficiency of your business operations. Combining the capabilities of open source, customizable and flexible ERP help business reach unprecedented heights.”


  • Having an eCommerce ERP system is mutually beneficial for both seller as it helps him reduce his operating cost and buyer too as it improves his overall experience.

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