Things You Should Know About Technical SEO: A Checklist

Last year there were lots of speculations on understanding the value of technical SEO. We have learnt a lot about the latest trends that needs to be followed in SEO and have also discussed about the latest Google’s search algorithms. But today, here in this blog, I will discuss with you about technical SEO that is actually done besides the content work. It acts as a strong foundation and gives your content the best opportunity to rank for the chosen keywords and phrases.

Understanding Technical SEO

So, what does it mean by technical SEO? Is it a combination of both the on page factors and the off page factors. Well, let’s take a deep look into it.

The technical SEO aspects are related to all the varied SEO activities that are not related to content optimization and link building techniques. It involves certain search engine requirements that help to improve crawling. These requirements keep on changing constantly and often become complex to keep up with the search engines algorithms that are getting more sophisticated day by day. So, technical SEO is in a constant state of refinement and needs to be optimized so that it can provide the best marketing environment to your content and links and you can attain a higher ranking in the SERPs.

The Technical SEO Elements That You should Consider:

1.Mobile friendliness:  This is an important element of technical SEO. Google rolled out its algorithm update few years back and considered mobile friendliness of website to be a vital factor for ranking a site in the search engine. In fact, it ended the desktop era and the mobile search era was considered. So, if your website is not mobile friendly, then it’s time to get your website optimized for the mobile.

2.Website speed: The page load speed holds a special importance when it is about the performance of your site. There are few things that you should consider to increase the website load speed and this is what you can do:

A) Keep the templates simple: It is good to keep the components of your website limited and make the templates simple.

B) Limit redirects: Multiple redirects may reduce the page load speed and you should consider the 404 error pages in a user friendly manner and guide them back to the home page of the site.

C) Browsers cache: This stores the website resources automatically when you first visit the page. Because of this, the pages are loaded quickly when the visitor leaves a particular page and then returns to it again.

D) Optimize the visuals: Adjust the size of the images and limit it to the minimum as large images are very heavy and need more loading time.

3.Site architecture: This is another super element of technical SEO that should be considered and it includes secure protocols HTTPS, URL structure, internal links and etc. A good website structure is the prerequisite of great crawlability and UX.

4.Single site version: Ensure that there are no multiple versions of the site and it does not contain duplicate content. It is a serious error and can cause you a lot of trouble.  Since Google continuously checks the quality of resources, it punishes spammy websites and those that contain duplicate contents.

Now that you are aware of the technical SEO aspects, you can check your website and fix any errors in it. Optimizing the site according to the specific needs of the search engine will help you to attain a higher ranking and also attract more traffic to your site.


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