Tips for Building & Optimizing 404 Page for Magento Store

“404 error” is the most common problem that the site’s visitors noticed. This indicates the fact that the page they were opening cannot be found. It can be due to the broken links, no server response, updated content, incorrect URL, and lots more reasons.

Always remember the fact that if you create and optimize the Magento store in the right way, you will reap excellent results in the long run. If you’ve invested in the Magento web development, then this is something that you should be aware of completely.

Effective Ways for Optimizing 404 Pages

Easy to Understand Error Message

Avoid using technical terms in your error message that the visitors can’t understand. Make sure that you should use simple words to display error messages on your Magento store. “Page Not Found” is the common one that is used most of the times.

State the Reason for 404 Error

Specifying the actual cause of the 404 error on your store is highly recommended. As mentioned earlier, the possible reasons include broken link, wrong URL, content updation just to name a few. This will help them to find the main issue on your store.

Add Another Redirection

There is nothing more than annoying for the visitors to reach a dead page, and not getting the relevant information they’re after. When you put the link on 404 page, it will prove fruitful for the visitors to land up at their right destination.

Provide Search Bar

Never miss out on adding the search bar on your Magento store. This will leverage the visitors to look for their requirements on the search bar. The best practices for this includes adding link to homepage section, most read content, and lost more to drive better engagement.

Add Business Details

You don’t want to lose your customers at all cost. This method is effective in keeping the visitors stick towards the Magento store. You can add relevant information about products and services on your 404 page to engage your potential customers in the right way.

Choose an eminent Magento development company that will offer unmatched assistance in building and optimizing 404 page for your store. They’ll be armed with right knowledge and experience to deliver you the splendid results. Just do your proper research online to find the suitable options for your business requirements.

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