A no. of people working in organizations are neither rock stars nor below average. They lie in the middle of these two ranges. Few are below average & a minority is rock stars. Rock stars are those employees who excel in their jobs & are competent & trusted enough to do well in almost any job.
Obviously every organization wants rock star employees & every employee wants to be termed as a rock star performer & climb up the career chart. So what does a rock star look like?

The 5 stars of a rock star are…

1. Initiative

Rock stars should be capable of taking initiative because someday they will call the shots, and as such they need to be capable of deciding what needs to be done; to identify opportunities, problems, and move teams to accomplish things. If one takes initiative as a contributor, one would likely take initiative as a leader.
Without change & ideas, there’s only one direction. Initiators set a great approach for the culture and a benchmark for others to achieve.

2. Integrity

Integrity means not just honesty but also following through on promises, hard & honest work, diligence, and persistence. It is concerned with being true to yourself and your full potential. It is all about being transparent and aligning actions with motivations along with no involvement in politics. In short, it’s about character.

3. Execution

A star employee must have the ability to execute the work/ tasks at hand. It is essential for the successful completion of the tasks.

4. Strategic Agility

A star employee should have a wider perspective to look into the things, must be capable of seeing a situation from multiple perspectives. This is the ability to solve problems with competence and outlook of how to get it done and understanding unforeseen consequences. It involves putting any detail in the larger context of people, process, technology and your business model & formulating ‘what ifs’ and ‘if then’, and understand in any situation what will impact the business or work and how.

5. Communication

Rock stars communicate in the most influential, clear and effective way. They are articulate & expressive. Communication skills also involves competencies like interacting with employees and management in effective way, written communication competence, motivating others, and interpersonal savvy.
If you have any of these traits, you are likely on the path of becoming a rock star employee!!!!!

Contributed by:
Bosky Khullar
Assistant Manager – HR

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