Top Magento Development Trends to Look Forward in 2022

Top Magento Development Trends to Look Forward in 2022

Magento is a big eCommerce platform that has become the leading choice of the retailers these days. With extensive feature-set, it helps in delivering an enhanced shopping experience to the customers that further gets translated into higher sales.

Since the Magento platform is evolving consistently in terms of features and functionality, you need to maintain a constant pace with them to get the most out of this platform. This will provide you a winning advantage as you’ve made your store updated with the latest trends.

In this post, we’ve discussed the Magento web development trends that will rule the market this year. Let’s take a deep rundown:

Rise of Voice Search Technology

There has been a surge in the usage of digital voice assistant devices Like Alexa and Siri all across the world. With such devices, the users can ask their questions in the form of voice search, and get an apt solution. It eliminates the need to type the search queries that save ample time.

As per the survey, it has been expected that most of the most of the online shopping will be done using voice search. It is safe to say that the voice search technology is here to stay for long. Magento provides an extension for the voice search that the store owners can deploy to get the splendid outcomes.

Live Streaming Will Become Popular

Today, the live sessions, webinars, and online meetings have been used by the eCommerce businesses to give product demos to the customers. This facilitates them to take instant purchasing decision, which is fruitful in terms growth and development of the business.

With Magento, you will get the live streaming feature that you can use to explain your products in a better way to the customers.

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More Use of Push Notifications

Push notifications are the best ways to gain the attention of the customers. The store Magento owners can use them to make them aware of the ongoing offers and discounts to their target audience. This will lure them to shop from the store, thus, resulting in improved sales performance.

To be precise, this is a clever move by the store owners to boost their sales performance. If you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend you to implement it as soon as possible to get the desirable results.

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AR & VR Will Continue to Lead

With the advent of AR & VR technology, the way the customers used to shop have transformed a lot. Both of these are helpful for the customers in trying the products virtually to make a better buying decision.

Whether you need to check the clothes or any jewelry item, you can try it on virtually to know how it is looking at you. Therefore, it would be great to deploy these technologies on your Magento store to maximize sales.

If you want to make your Magento store updated with the latest trends, it is suggested to approach a reputed Magento development company for this purpose. With their timely implementation, you can take your business to heights.

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