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Top Reasons Why Developers Should Add React JS Course to Their Learning List

React JS is a popular JavaScript framework and is used for various purposes by the developers and the core among them is to build user interfaces. It also helps them to create large application programs without having to reload the page.

ReactJS development has become a popular choice of developers in India and abroad to build native mobile apps and command line interfaces.

Now the question is, will ReactJS stay in the market for a long time? Well we cannot say anything for sure as technology is the most dynamic phenomenon today.


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But one thing for sure is that probably no other web framework took so less time to become a leading one in the front end web development. And yes, it does have reasons behind it.

Learning ReactJS development is very important for the developers because most web development companies in India, the U.K, Australia are now developing interactive web applications with React JS because if varied features. Let’s take a look at why developers should learn the framework.

Developers love to use it:

If you are a software developer, and you are looking for endless flexibility to create user interfaces, then React JS would be your first preference.


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Using React JS, developers can design an effective and straight view of the application and this can be done even if the application state changes. ReactJS helps to update these changes in an automatic and smooth manner.

Simple and easy to learn:

JavaScript developers can have a great insight into the basics of React JS development as it is super easy to master.  One can create a web application within a few days by going through its tutorials and documentation. It is very simple and easy to learn and is yet a very convincing framework that performs very well.


React JS development saves a lot of time:

Writing self-contained pieces of codes requires efficiency and nothing makes you work more efficiently as ReactJS does.  Since developers already work with a lot of components that communicate with each other, it is easy to write utility functions too.


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The architectural pattern of ReactJS is something that takes you easily to other frameworks and libraries. Its modular approach also allows you to make changes in the components and the change is reflected in every place it exists across the site. This saves a lot of time.

Widens the scope of encompassing mobile phones:

Learning React JS helps you to use this framework in a mobile application, but it is a very different ball game. Though the task is not without challenges, the prime concept of re-routing, styling, navigating and designing is different from web based applications and mobile apps.

The framework offers React JS developers a lot of scope not only in terms of enjoying their work, but also helps them to learn new things.

Big brands are using ReactJS

Deployed by Facebook as a front end JavaScript library, React JS continues to be used by some of the big names like Airbnb, Reddit, Netflix, Expedia and etc. Considering the fact that ReactJS is being used by top companies, there has been a massive demand for skilled React developers in the coming few years. More and more developers will be needed to create interactive applications.

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