Top Shopping Cart Features for Ecommerce Store to Increase Conversion

Building a successful eCommerce store is the dream of every retailer, irrespective of the size of the business. Getting higher conversion will be achieved when proper attention is given towards the designing of the shopping cart. Still, there are many owners who don’t prioritize this task during the eCommerce development, and makes their business suffer badly.

One of the main reason behind the high cart abandonment rate is that the visitors have a bad shopping cart experience. That’s because it is devoid of the essential features that contributes towards an enhanced shopping journey.

“A shopping cart is an important part of the eCommerce store that allows the customers to add products in the cart, review or delete them, and modify the quantity as well effortlessly”.

What Features Should Be Present in the Shopping Cart?

Here are the top shopping cart features that eCommerce store should have for the customers:

Adding or Deleting Products

The first and the foremost feature that you shopping cart should have is the facility to add or delete the products quickly. You never know when the customers plan to buy or drop the idea to get the product from your store. Make it simpler for them, so they can repeat their visit to your eCommerce store for the next purchase.

Total Order Value

Maintaining transparency throughout the buying journey will nurture long-term business goals. You need to specify the price, shipping charges, and other taxes in the total amount of your order. The customers will truly appreciate this thing, which will get translated into sales.

Out of Stock Products Clearly Marked

If your certain products are not available at the moment, then it’s your duty as the owner of eCommerce store to mark it clearly to avoid the situation of disappointment amongst the customers. In case, they add any of such product in the cart, it should display “out of stock”, and don’t forget to include “notify when back in stock” option.   </span >

High Quality Product Images

To entice your potential customers, it is best to incorporate the best quality images of the products for each and every product that you’re selling. This will give a better understanding to the customers of how exactly the product will look like, and facilitate them in making a conducive choice.

Guest Check Out Option

Today, the customers are reluctant to share their private information online due to the spike in the fraudulent cyber activities. This is why you should provide the guest check facility to the customers. They don’t have to fill the sign up form, and make the speedy purchase from your store.

Hire Professionals To get the Feature-Packed Shopping Cart Design

Choose a reliable eCommerce development agency that can design an amazing shopping cart to ensure the maximum conversion rate. They’ve relevant skills and knowledge to handle this task with an efficacy. You need to discuss your specific set of requirements with team to get a comprehensive solution.


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