Top Signs that Your Website Has Been Hacked

Top Signs that Your Website Has Been Hacked

A website is the biggest source of revenue generation for any business. Even a second of downtime can hamper the growth and development. The worst part is that it can be hacked easily if the latest security patches does not get installed on time. This activity comes under the website maintenance that should not be overlooked at all, otherwise it can cause a serious damage.

Unfortunately, there are still many website owners that does not pay attention towards the maintenance. In turn, their business suffers badly, and eventually, their website got hacked. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to detect that a website has been hacked by the hackers. This is why, we’ve highlighted the signs that can help in finding out the whether your site is hacked or not. Let’s take a look at them:

Website Speed becomes Slow

If you experience a slow website speed than usual, it indicates that it has been hacked. There is a possibility that malware can be utilizing the server’s resources. That’s why your website can be taking too long to load. It would be better to check your website thoroughly for any malicious activity.

Google shows a Warning Message

This is another way to find out whether your site is hacked or not. When the customers will visit your website, the Google Chrome will display a warning message to them stating the problem. This happens when a website got blacklisted by the Google Safe Browsing. The warning message that you will see depends upon the issue that Google finds on your website.

Your Hosting Company Will Make Your Site Offline

Generally, a website hosting service provider deeply scans the website on a regular basis to find out the presence of malicious code. If they find any, they act upon instantly by making your site offline to prevent the spread of infection to other websites that are on the same server.

Emails Will Be Send to the Spam Folder

Hackers will use malware on the hacked websites for sending spam emails to a large number of people. On finding out the spammy nature of the emails, the email servers will blacklist your server as well as the IP address. Whatever email you send to the customers will be turned to the spam folder.

What You Should do if Your Website Got Hacked?

One of the best things to do is to hire trusted website support and maintenance service that can monitor the performance of your website on a regular basis. On top of that, the team will implement the latest security practices to safeguard your website against hacking.

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