Twitter is useful in Link Building and Social Media Marketing

Twitter is useful in Link Building and Social Media Marketing

With Twitter emerging as the latest ‘big shot’ in link building, search engines are chasing its social graph for rankings signals. Twitter is being hailed as the latest maneuver to have sites hauled at the top of the search results.
The most critical social media based ranking factors include the number of ‘Tweets’ associated with a given URL and the prowess shown by the Twitter user to generate ‘Tweets’.

What do search engines consider about ‘Twitter’ when they get started with indexing websites?
1. How diverse are the Twitter profiles through which URLs are being ‘Tweeted’?
2. How many friends, followers and ‘Tweets’ has the URL accumulated?
3. How many times has the Tweet been Re-Tweeted, and how many Hashtag responses has it gotten?
4. What is the Tropical relevance of those Tweets?
5. What is the Traditional Page Level Authority attached to a given URL, and what is its Inbound Link Popularity?

How do you make good use of this Gift?
1. Make sure a link goes from your website, blog and other social media buttons to your Twitter profile. Twitter commands a very high domain authority. The Twitter profile you create requires inbound links the same way your website does when it comes to building authority and faith.
2. Different Twitter Accounts for Different Business Units. While using Twitter, what strikes you is the variety of accounts used by company employees to Re-Tweet Tweets through the Official Company Account. For different business units, there are many opportunities for cross promotions through Re-Tweeting. This is a fine way to seed the overall engagement of your Tweet.
3. Cuss the Character Limit, only to Praise It. People at times criticize Twitter for allowing only 140 characters. But then, the restraint also comes as a blessing at times. Scammers cannot paste complete URLs back to their website. URLs this way ought to be shortened. This helps pass link juice from a Tweet back to the website.
4. Keep your Twitter account updated through content related RSS Feeds. The feeds help automate the relay of message to web services regarding the content you update. RSS Feeds can be created for all the digital assets one has on board including the likes of YouTube videos, White Papers, Blog Posts, Press Releases, etc. All of these can eventually be syndicated to Twitter.

These help gauge Twitter’s might. Do not gape, just try these out.

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