Umbraco 7.11 The Latest Features and Fixes That You Should Know

Umbraco 7.11: The Latest Features and Fixes That You Should Know

Every business owner needs a CMS that is feature rich, but easy to use so that they can manage their web content easily. Umbraco CMS is a fully featured open source CMS that offers the flexibility to run anything that ranges from small campaigns or brochure sites to complex applications and also some of the largest media sites. Since it is easy to learn and can be up and running within few minutes of the simple installer, it is preferred by many online business owners.

Umbraco is strongly supported by both active and growing community of users all over the world and is also backed up by commercial organizations that provide professional support and tools. Umbraco CMS is a free and open source with additional option of professional tools and support.

The latest version of Umbraco release has come up to enjoy a bunch of new helpful features and bug fixes. Most of them are fixed and created by the Umbraco community and this time the 7.11 version has about 38 out of the 42 issues closed based on pull requests that are submitted by the community.

The New Features in Umbraco 7.11


This is of course a very friendly feature that allows the users to get an overview so that you may take a proper decision. In the previous version, when you attempt to create a composition on a document type that is a part of the composition already, you get an error in describing that the doc type is already used in the composition. In 7.11, you will now see where this document type is actually used. This is in fact very useful to know and if you are willing to see the impact of adding a new property to the composition, then it will help you make the decision whether the new property should be on that composition or on the new one.

Dictionary tree moveable and modernized:

The Dictionary tree was one of the items in Umbraco CMS that was running in Webforms mode. This tree and its functionality have been converted now to Angular, which means it performs better and is also easier to improve and maintain. Though it looks same as it looked before, but it is now easier to improve.
Another added advantage is that it is now finally possible to move the dictionary tree from the settings section to the translation section. This is of course great for both the editors and the developers, as the setting section consists of things that the content editors should nor change. So, removing this has made things simple for the editors as they don’t have to worry about any accidental changes that they shouldn’t have done.

Multilingual tours:

With the latest version of Umbraco 7.11, it is now possible to make the multilingual tours that are based on the language of the user who has logged in. This will of course make it very easy for your international users to start using Umbraco.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

There are a lot of improvements in the UI element that makes Umbraco CMS all the better for the users.

  1. The checkboxes on the content items are good looking toggle buttons
  2. When you hover over the document type name in the info tab, it shows the alias of the document type.
  3. The menu items in the recycle bin for the content does not show the unnecessary buttons any more.
  4. In case you are unable to upload a media item, the upload button is then disabled.
  5. The saving animation on the Publish and Save button works every time now.
  6. When the even handler cancels an Unpublish event, the editor can now see the notification.

So, with all these latest features and functionalities, its time now to upgrade to Umbraco 7.11 and avail the advantages of using a perfect CMS.

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