Understanding Facebook Analytics

Understanding Facebook Analytics

The Facebook ‘Insights’ Page has emerged as an important cog in business communication. It keeps an audience engaged and updated. Since it is considered ‘high priority’ on Facebook, learning how to navigate through it is important. That reduces considerable effort.

The ‘Insights’ Page lets a page administrator look through data relevant to their page. The tool is of consequence to administrators for it contains current and past analytics of a page. It can help them utilize data to work on increasing their fan base.
Some highlights to look on the ‘Insights’ Page include Users, Interactions, Demographics and Activity.

The ‘Users’ section shows the number of active users on the page. It shows segregated results, what users view, what they like, what they want to comment on and post on the wall. This helps examine user base and see how results can be influenced.

‘Interactions’ shows page interactions. Wall posts, number of comments, pages that draw highest interaction and fans etc. can be found out. ‘Demographics’ helps sort out what people view, where are they from, what language do they speak etc. You get to know better what you should post.

‘Activity’ shows the type of activity you get on your page from users. Posts, likes, comments and unsubscribes and other forms of feedback can be traced. This helps keep an eye on your posts.

These points mentioned above will help you analyze pages better. You can use this information to engage more fans, grow numbers and get more people to follow your business.

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