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Understanding SharePoint Document Conversation and Its Benefits

Today, most business owners want a great collaboration both internally and externally and for this they are adopting various technologies that can help them with sharing, publishing, editing the documents and managing the access rights too. 

SharePoint development is definitely one of the most feature rich, enterprise ready web services that is offered by Microsoft. It was initially started as an app for the enterprise document management, sharing and collaboration as well as storage and it quickly rose to help the team members in the software projects to communicate and collaborate meaningfully. With a wide variety of its usage in organizations and web application development companies in India, SharePoint is now a widely adopted solution. 

Business organizations that move to SharePoint Online may not be making the most out of their migration without the use of SharePoint document conversations. In today’s fast paced industry, efficiency is the key to success and every click counts. It is true that SharePoint made the communication and collaboration more efficient with the feature called SharePoint document conversations. This is already there for the past few years and have gained much popularity as more and more companies are now migrating to SharePoint cloud.

What is Document Conversation?

The title itself indicated the functionality, its conversation on the documents, any document that is stored in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business. Document conversation allows the users to share their ideas and expertise related to the Office documents, videos, images right from within the content that they are reviewing, editing.


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With this application, you can just ask questions, find the expertise and offer feedback without having to leave the application in which you are working. It allows the users to stay within any document and chat with the members of an internal Yammer group. Since its Yammer, you can also view as well as participate in the conversations outside the document by using your mobile device or any other app where a Yammer feed is already embedded.

Some Benefits of using SharePoint Document Conversation:

SharePoint Document conversation is the result of the integration of Microsoft’s SharePoint Online and Yammer social network that allows the users to share the feedback, ideas, and also opinions around the documents that are stored in SharePoint cloud. 

The new document conversation capability appears on the right side of the document as a panel and users can stay within the document and chat. But this capability has a few dependencies like it only works with the documents that are saved into Microsoft’s cloud via the SharePoint Online or OneDrive for the Business.

Even Office 365 users need to be using the Office Online apps in order to access the Yammer chatting capability. The office desktop users won’t be able to avail this facility. Users within the corporate Yammer group will have the facility to see the conversations that are associated with the document, but they still need a permission to access it.


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Document conversation is particularly useful in the context of Teams where the project participants can easily review as well as discuss the documents that are generated within the teams. But for all these, the users have to configure Yammer as a default social network within office 365.

It is not limited to documents only, but the users can also initiate them from videos or images and other documents that are stored in SharePoint.

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