Understanding The Prime Components of a Better Checkout Process in Magento

The ecommerce growth is exponential and business owners are investing in Ecommerce to capture the huge online market. But retailers are unable to take the complete advantage of this technology because consumers are abandoning their shopping cart due to the problems that they experience in the checkout process.

To reduce this and capture the lost revenues, retailers have to reduce the stress and also reward the shoppers when they arrive at the checkout.

A thoughtful redesign of the Magento checkout experience will surely help to increase the conversion rate and will also result in happier consumers who will return to the site for more. But to increase your revenues, a convenient purchase experience that helps to transform the shoppers into buyers is needed.

Let’s discuss some crucial steps that you should follow to optimize your online business experience.

Do You Know That a Seamless Magento Payment Experience can Retain Your Customers? How?

Shoppers are not willing to create another account for payments and may leave the Magento ecommerce site. Streamlining the customer experience by allowing them to check in and check out by using the shipping and payment information may help. The retailers should also recognize their customers sooner so that they can close the sale easily.

Whether the goal is to deliver a relevant shopping experience or to drive engagement, it is important for the shoppers to sign in.

Add flexible payment terms helps in immediate payment

Fast customer payment is very important for a frictionless checkout. But speed is not the only means to reduce payment-related chart abandonment. Offering various options like by invoice or instant financing also allow the retailers to support their customers beyond those who are comfortable with immediate payment. Partnering with payment brands is also a great way to build trust.

Another option is to allow the customers to delay their payment until they have received the goods. This will take the fear away from making a purchase.

Choose an easier means to capture and verify the addresses:

Address issues often cost the retailers time, reputation and revenue.  During the Magento checkout, customers may feel irritated by the lengthy process needed to enter their address, especially on their mobiles.

Then again the error that they make, like typos, incorrect pin codes often causes delivery failures and often costs more in shipment delays and redelivery charges.

The solution is an address verification service known as the AVS.  That can help to detect the address attributes and produce accurate address suggestion based on the shopper’s keystrokes.

Protect the merchants from frauds and chargebacks:

No business owner wants to reject their customer’s orders because of fraud suspicions. And again the retailers don’t want to be hit with fees or chargebacks. It is really the worst customer experience to tell a legitimate customer that their order won’t be delivered.

Authenticating the customer identity is an effective strategy that can help to reduce the risk of false positives and fraud. Another option is to turn to big data and machine learning so as to produce accurate decisions on whether the orders are fraudulent and should be shipped or not.

Use a cloud based platform for quick access:

Every one second of delay in the load time of your Magento website will lead to losing business opportunities. And because of this, a growing number of retailers are switching to the cloud base ecommerce platform. 

This helps to easily access the site by using the CDN or image optimization techniques. A fully realized, cloud based ecommerce provider offers the retailers specific digital needs, thereby removing the burden of creating and maintaining the ecommerce applications.

It is by offloading the platform support to a trusted service provider, retailers can now focus on innovating on critical aspects of the consumers.

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