Updates 2012 SEO and Some More

Updates 2012: SEO and Some More

Google has been at it again. It recently published a few SEO Updates for 2012 on the Google Webmaster Central Official Blog. They were ranging from dated January first week all the way to March last week.

Some of these were about a faster http search on the latest browsers, pagination algorithm updates, crawl errors being reported more effectively on Google Webmaster Tools, spam sites being filtered from search results, GWT being the source via which access to user and administrator would be available, videos being indexed more convincingly via video markup language, website optimization for curtailing unseen traffic influx, changes to search queries data on webmaster tools, updates on search results regarding page titles etc. to mention some.

The schema.org video markup language will help users add more videos to their websites. Besides, search engines find it easy as well to crawl through these videos effectively.

The updates advise you better plan the lightweight version of your website prematurely or perhaps even the mobile version to ensure traffic is handled well in tough times.

There is a new interface for sitemap action. The earlier version had a normal interface unlike the new one, which has videos and image sitemap statistics all with a colourful interface. The newer one is easier to understand and delete as well.

Once these updates come into effect, search queries data rankings will begin displaying the top position of any given keyword instead of the average position which was the case earlier.

The update made to the page layout algorithm states that every website plastered with excessive advertisements will begin to lose credibility, as a result suffer a loss in rankings and begin to slide in search engine results.

The updates will ensure title tags are displayed depending on search queries and improve click through rates based on it.

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