Useful PHP Techniques That Every Developer Should Know

Useful PHP Techniques That Every Developer Should Know

If you are a developer, you must be knowing about the popularity of PHP web development language and that it is the first choice of developers. With 20 million domains using PHP, there must be something great that the platform can boast off.

It is a reliable and the most used scripting language and developers can easily learn the language and find tips and tricks on how to use it to create websites.


Some Important PHP Development Techniques You should know and Implement While Creating Any Application:

Practice OOP:

In order to sustain in the PHP development market, it is very important for the developers to accept OOP in their coding style. This helps to reuse the codes that are existing whenever you need it. With the help of OOP, you can now copy the codes every time.

The best means to reuse the code is to use the variables and methods that are tied together and can be used for coding further. This helps to reduce the time needed to develop fresh codes. OOP is also faster and easier to debug.


Use the Error Reporting Feature while Developing

This is one of the best and useful tips for PHP developers as the error reporting feature makes things easier for the developers. If you want to handle any issues like an error, then you can set the program to show the error.  To do this, you have to replace the file php.ini while working on your project.


Use a PHP Framework when Needed:

Using a PHP framework for web application development helps the developers in various ways.  Developers need to learn a lot on how to use the API of the frameworks and this often results in creating amazing productivity and benefits later on.


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“Using a web application development framework help you to use better web development patterns and using a PHP framework gives you a standardized platform to work on.”


Consider a Simple URL:

It is always a good idea to use a simple URL instead of a complex one as it helps the audience to find it easily even in the crowd.  So, to make your URL simple, you have to use the file.htaccess, as this is the best way to make the URL simpler for the users and it is even beneficial for SEO. This file will help you get plenty of Apache directives.


Be Aware of the isset() Problems:

If you have already worked with PHP, then you should know about isset() function. This is a game changer if you can use it to develop a PHP website. Before starting to work, you should know when the isset() gives true and when it returns false.

This simple tip will help you to enjoy many benefits from it and will of course help you to learn PHP fast.


“Discussed above are some of the best and advanced PHP techniques that the developers should remember while working with a PHP framework which helps them to build a highly functional website.”


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