Using Bootstrap with Sitefinity CMS A Guide

Using Bootstrap with Sitefinity CMS: A Guide

Whenever we talk about front end development, Bootstrap is the most popular work that the developers have heard of. Bootstrap is one of the most well-known front end development framework that is created by Twitter and is said to be used by over 12 million websites and apps today.

When Sitefinity Feather was released in the market, it gained much popularity among the users because of one of its major selling point, which was the integration of Bootstrap into the templates and the widgets. Sitefinity CMS development comes with the Bootstrap package, which includes the capabilities of the respective Bootstrap frontend version.

Understanding The Bootstrap Framework

If you are not so much familiar with what Bootstrap actually is, then it is essentially a set of themed, pre-created, front end code that allows the developers immediate access to pre-styled components and the developers don’t have to write the base front end code themselves. 

For example, instead of having to write the CSS for any button, they can now just link it to Bootstrap, use the CSS class and instantly have a styled button for their site without much effort.

Bootstrap framework is built on HTML, CSS and JavaScript to support the development of mobile first, responsive sites and apps. It includes user interface components, JS tools and layouts along with the framework for implementation.

How Sitefinity Development Supports This Framework?

Sitefinity has the Bootstrap as its out of the box features and Progress has made Feather flexible to use any other framework with just a little bit of work. They also offer support if you start your project.  This is a great reason why developers love Sitefinity CMS and it offers a front end flexibility that you need.

Now the question is, should you have Bootstrap installed in your application or not? Let’s discuss some core aspects that will help you decide on the best option for your project.

Design of Your Project:

If you are looking for something that is attractive, then your website should be appropriately designed. It should have something in it that can set it apart from other sites. At IDS Logic, we have our front end developers who can help to add innovative ideas to your project while meeting your exact needs. But bootstrap was not created to handle complex projects. For this, you have to write your own custom codes.

“Then when is Bootstrap an advantage for you?”

It is best for Sitefinity applications that don’t have a pre-determined theme. It is great for developers with minimal front end experience who are interested in making a quick application using the basic design foundation that Bootstrap offers.

The Community and Documentation: 

Bootstrap websites offer a wide range of documentation that helps the developers a lot. Not only this, it also has an enormous community that helps to develop the Bootstrap code into your Sitefinity CMS website. Chances are high that you will find an answer on the site or on a quick Google Search.


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Bootstrap is also used as out of the box in Sitefinity development and any errors or bugs that come up related to this framework is addressed and fixed by the Progress team. This is also an added advantage of using it together with your CMS. Bootstrap documentation is very helpful when working with their codes and while writing something that is customized.

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