Ways Towards Disastrous PPC Campaigns, Avoid Doing Them

Ways Towards Disastrous PPC Campaigns, Avoid Doing Them

1. Run a Campaign with no Prior Knowledge of Client Business: This would be suicidal as far as the prospects of the ad campaign doing well are concerned. You fail to understand your client’s business, and you target all wrong keywords. You target the wrong ones and your ad will never get clicked at.

2. Never set a Maximum CPA Target: Maximum CPA is the amount you are willing to shell out for every conversation without incurring losses. As a vendor, sit with your client and ask him the maximum amount he is willing to pay for every conversion. Setting a Maximum CPA is one of the most critical aspects of PPC.

3. Set up AdWords without any Preponderance: Do it and it will bring you more disastrous consequences. You will have multiple campaigns and ad groups targeting a single product. Keyword will get duplicated. You will never be able to monitor how well your campaigns perform. The whole thing ends up in chaos.

4. Never Track Conversions: There are PPC Ads being run or years without the advertisers keeping a track on conversions. What good would that do? Ever bothered to know what happened when the user clicked on your product? Was a purchase made? When you track ads, you get to know keywords that sell.

5. Ignore Negative Keywords: You ads are appearing for irrelevant keywords. You are simply not bothered. What happens? Failure, of course! Weed out negative and non performing keywords. They are of no use. Establish control over your ad and then it will work!

The 5 points mentioned will help you create a disastrous, highly non performing PPC Ad that will hardly fetch the website being promoted a single visitor. Avoid doing these.

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