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Ever thought of going to a romantic movie with your partner and then for a dinner thereafter at a peaceful restaurant? Well there may have been various times and for every time you want to go out- you boot up your PC, open a Web browser and head to some search engine to search for theater, movie and restaurant information. You search for the movies and theaters near you playing the same and the relevant restaurants around them. Also you would like to have a short description about the film and some short reviews about the restaurant you are seeking to choose. In all, you will end up visiting n number of websites to get the requisite information before you actually get ready to head the door. That seems to be a tedious and time consuming job. So the question here lies that is there any service which could actually go through the information and give the really-desired results?

Web 3.0 gives us the answers. Experts believe that the next generation of Web–Web 3.0 or the Semantic Web could let you sit and watch while the Internet does all the work. A search service could be used and narrow the parameters of the search. The Web 3.0 browser will then gather, analyze, search over the Internet for all the possible results and present the data to you. It can do this because Web 3.0 will be able to understand information on the Web. Right now, when a Web search engine is used, it doesn’t really understand the search. It looks for the Web pages that contain the keywords found in the search terms. The search engine can’t tell if the Web page is actually relevant for the search. It can only tell that the keyword appears on the Web page. A Web 3.0 search engine could find not only the keywords in search, but also interpret the context of request. It would return relevant results and suggest other content related to search terms. So it can be treated as a huge Database onto the internet.

Thus the Web 3.0 can be taken as the next evolution to the term World Wide Web. But its still unclear at times to how it works. The Web 3.0 is termed equivalent to Semantic Web. The Semantic Web means the meaning of the syntax in the communication between the computers and the net. The syntax plays a great role while browsing. Even when we open up a website the internal processing sends the request for the page to the web server which in return sends HTML format to the browser where it is changed into the user friendly format. Thus the computer is actually unaware of what is there on the page.

Similarly, using the current web browsers whenever we try to search anything, it greatly depends on the key words. The search engine looks for the key words in the many pages listed and it has nothing to do with the content. It can likely be said as a web of documents as all the documents are interlinked with one another. With the Web 3.0 web browsers, the search would be more meaningful as it would lay more emphasis on what the contents are. Web 3.0 would understand the semantics of the key words with respect to the syntax of the structures, thus specifying the keywords to be entities. Thus the Web 3.0 can be said to be a part of artificial intelligence as it extends the semantic web working.

#In an analogy to the file system permissions, the prior versions of Web could be termed as the Web 1.0 to be a read-only, the Web 2.0 as read-write and the Web 3.0 to be read-write-executable.

The dream of Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of World Wide Web, Web 3.0 is said to be the evolutionary stage of web. In a more common way, the Web 3.0 refers to the next generation of Internet based services which collectively comprise of almost all the artificial intelligence technologies.

#Although the aspects to which Web 3.0 refers to, though are potentially possible but practically & technically not feasible today.

Over the internet, today, terabytes of information are stored for the users hidden from the computers. The web becoming more pervasive with the time being, as we tend to be using internet almost all the time and will continue to do that in wider aspects as in the more personal things as cell phone, cars, home appliances etc. The invent of Web 3.0 will bring evolution to the ever increasing demand for the web and thus enhancing the quality and the over expanding capabilities of the net and making it as a whole new, fun filled, faster and yet more easier experience!

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