Delivering an Engaging User Experience Using Technology and Creativity

When we talk about front-end development of any web application, we talk about that part of the web that the visitors will see or interact with. A good front-end involves great navigation, functions, accessibility and performance that makes the site compatible across various web browsers and mobile platforms. Since customers are demanding more and more engaging experience with instant response, it is important that your front-end development is fueled by your customer’s priorities.

As a leading software development company with more than11 years of experience in varied technologies IDS Logic is specialized in delivering smooth user experiences. Our front-end designers have special skills to understand the client’s business objectives and processes and they deliver solutions that are unique and ensure better usability. All our front end services are based on creativity and are powered up with latest technologies that can bring better results for the products or services that you offer.

Our expert front end developers have an eye for detailing and can create beautiful layouts and user interfaces by using the latest tools. Not only this, they also combine the functionalities with hand coded CSS and HTML. A good UI always attracts the attention of the audience and contributes to the consumer’s overall impression.

Some Front End Technologies We have Expertise in:

Our developers have the ability to create interfaces that truly represent your business without making any compromises by using latest front end technologies.

HTML: It provides the structure of the page using markup and is the building block of any website. With HTML, images and other objects like interactive forms can be embedded into the rendered page.

JavaScript: It is a dynamic, lightweight, object oriented computer programming language that is used for creating web pages. It is a prototype based scripting language that supports imperative and functional programming styles.

AngularJS: This is a JavaScript based front end web application framework that is maintained by Google. It allows the developers to use HTML as the template language and helps to extend HTML’s syntax so that the application’s components can be expressed clearly.

NodeJS:It is lightweight, perfect and efficient for real time and data intensive applications. This is a cross platform, open source run time environment for executing any JavaScript code server side.

ReactjS: It helps to create interactive UIs and is an open source JavaScript library. Developed and utilized by Facebook, it is a flexible library used to create dynamic user experiences efficiently.

Ajax:It stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and is actually a prototype based scripting language that has various functions and is dynamic. Built on comprehensive frameworks and libraries, it offers a more sophisticated extension of JavaScript programming.

JQuery: It is a cross platform JavaScript library that is designed to make the client side scripting of HTML document traversing, event handling, animation and Ajax interactions simple for rapid web development.

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We Offer the Best Front End Development by Choosing the Right Technology for Your Project:

It is after planning and design that we create the initial wireframe and prototypes with the help of our UX pros. Our development team works and turns flat visuals into amazing, ready to use and responsive interface that is highly optimized for mobile as well.

Faster go to market: Our front end developers have years of experience in developing UI for various projects and offer timeline estimations that are accurate. This helps to release products or services fast in the market:

Cost effective pricing: The estimate of the project cost is calculated by us based on the requirements and we strictly keep the costing under control. With us, your development cost is fixed and so now you can plan your budget in an effective manner.

Leverage multidisciplinary skills: Our front end development team consists of engineers, designers and managers who are experts in their fields. They help to overcome the challenges and leverage the benefits of the latest tools and technologies.

Future proof the product: We help our clients to keep abreast of latest technologies.  Our engineers can guide you on the language, frameworks, library to select for your product.

We believe that front end development can help to create beautiful web experiences by using a proven methodology and cutting edge technology to create customized responsive cross platform websites or applications.

If you have any upcoming project in hand and you are interested in our services, then call us today to know more!