What is SSL Certificate

What is an SSL Certificate & Why Do You Need it?

In the digital landscape, the competition is extremely fierce. Your business will be tested on many grounds and security is amongst them. This is something that is vital to ensure the success online, and attain a competitive edge as well.

There is no point of having an attractive website which lacks in security. Your customers will be skeptical in buying products and services from your website, thus, resulting in loss of sales and revenue.

To increase the security of your website, an SSL certificate will be utmost important these days. This will safeguard your website against the cyber-attacks very well. Therefore, choose a reputed website maintenance service that can take care of this aspect properly.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Every website contains a lot of sensitive data of the business and the customers that includes credit/debit card information, personal details (contact number, address). All these are sensitive information. If gets leaked, then it can hurt the business badly.

Having an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is the need of the hour to ensure the superior level of protection all the time against cyber-attacks. This certificate helps in encrypting the information for secure data transmission.

The best way to check whether a website is SSL certified or not is by running a glance on the web address. If it is having “HTTPS”, then it clearly indicates that it is having an SSL certificate, and you can go ahead with your purchase.

Why SSL Certificate is Important for Business Website?

An SSL certificate on the website will ensure the fact that it is protected against cyber threats. Carrying out the online transactions will not pose a risk to the sensitive information of the customers at all.

Every business website should have an SSL certificate due to the following reasons:

Protects Customer’s Sensitive Information

This is the key reason why you should never skip of getting an SSL certificate for your business website. With this certification in place, the data transmission between the customer’s device and your website will be SSL encrypted. No one will be able to read that information, thus, preventing the sensitive details from getting leaked.

Uplifts Search Engine Ranking

Google has announced that a website with an SSL certificate will get a higher ranking on the search engine. This certification aids in establishing a secure connection between your website and the visitor’s browser. They feel more confident while shopping from your website when they’ll see a padlock icon and HTTPs on the web address.

Builds Brand Reputation

To establish the brand reputation online, an SSL certificate is an absolute must. When customers will your website, they’ll know that all their personal information will be highly secured due to this certification. No third parties will be able to intercept the information that will be transferred between the customers and the website. Thus, helping in building credibility for your brand.

Checking the security of the website comes under the website maintenance task. This is unavoidable part for every business owner as providing digital security is the key to win the trust of your potential customers, and convincing them to shop from your website. 

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