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What Makes Bootstrap Framework So Amazing for Web Designers

Developing a website is not just about promoting your business, but it helps to give people a platform for interaction, approach and discover as well. To market a service or a product effectively, you should have a site that is viewable on numerous mobile devices. since people use their smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and etc. a custom built website with attractive design templates and features is a brilliant start.

Bootstrap is a front end, free to use and shared library that is used to design dynamic websites and applications compatible with both Android and iOS. It is one of the most preferred front end frameworks and aids in fast processing of a site, it also supports fast loading responsive web pages and all the major browsers.

Bootstrap consists of CSS and HTML based design templates and it is by updating the CSS that developers can adapt to modern trends easily. It is because of its flexibility and a solid foundation that Bootstrap has become so popular and is now the most preferred CSS framework.

So, why should developers choose Bootstrap development? Here we have discussed a few great reasons to use Bootstrap:

Easy to Start With:

It is very easy to start working with this framework even if you have little or no coding skills at all.  Because of its wide selection of CSS and HTML templates working with Bootstrap is easy.  You can only select the right template that fits your expectations and professional needs and import it to your website and then enhance the readymade blocks of your template.

Bootstrap offers LESS files for those who know how to use them and also offer plain old CSS files who are not willing to use CSS pre-processing.

Responsive Structure and Browser Compatibility:  

Considering the growing demand of using handheld devices for web access, it is crucial to ensure that all the pieces of your website’s data will maintain consistency on different screen sizes. It is by means of a Bootstrap framework development that you can create a mobile friendly site with more visibility in the search engines.

We all are aware that Google prefers sites that are easy to browse on the go. And having a responsive site means gaining more than half of your audience and traffic. Bootstrap development is also compatible with all the modern browsers and allows you to create sites that work well with Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Easily Customizable: 

Bootstrap offers an impressive level of customization opportunities irrespective of the type of project that you are building. This is one of the top reasons why the framework is so popular among the web developers.

It also comes with everything that is needed to launch a professional design. But while choosing a Bootstrap template, you need to ensure that you can create a customized website feature that is essential.  Its responsive and cross browser compatibility makes it powerful and lightweight.

Powerful Grid:

Bootstrap development is equipped with powerful 12 column fluid Flexbox based grid system that makes it very impressive and easy to use. With this feature, your site can easily scale up and down to match the different screen resolutions and you can also choose whether you want them to group or use individually.


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Lots of JS Elements and Plugins:

There are numerous elements that focus on areas like heading, anchor, buttons, table and etc. all of them hold high importance in creating a professional website design. Not only this, Bootstrap also offers a dozen JavaScript plugins to help you start easily. 

If you are in need of the functionalities like sliders, dropdown, carousel, then you can just integrate the plugins to your website design easily.

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