What People Often Ignore While Hiring An Outsourcing Firm

What People Often Ignore While Hiring An Outsourcing Firm?

I am sitting here in the UK and helping all our partners for the last 5 years, ensuring that “We Deliver What We Promise” through our proper processes and with proper strategies, but one thing I wonder is why people just go after “cheap hourly rates”?

Do you think cheap and unmanaged companies can provide the support and service level as per your expectations for a long term?

Sometimes I get a message that we can get a resource here in £5/hour or $5/hour or less, so why to do outsourcing?Yes, you can get a local resource in $5 per hour and I am not denying that fact. However the lowest quote is not the best quote always. Also if you are mentioning about freelancers or hiring a resource, I would like to bring the following points to your notice when you hire these people who claim to be professionals.

  1. You cannot meet your response time when go on Sick Leaves or Unplanned Leaves leaving you high and dry. You need to have multiple backup resources to control the situation.
  2. Every time you change a resource, you have to take all the stress to find suitable replacements.
  3. They think about their careers and they want to engage themselves with big firms to secure their future. You ought to be ready for unexpected surprises.
  4. Not having enough resource scalability will always make you think twice about capacity before closing out any deal.
  5. One man enterprises usually do not have enough exposure to the web industry. So if he/she gets stuck in any programming activity, then you may not meet the deadline and achieve customer expectations.
When you hire a resource:
  1. The scalability might be inadequate as it gets expensive to hire more in house resources.
  2. Cost base will increase (Even if there are not enough jobs on board but still there is an ongoing monthly cost schedule).
  3. Again single resource when he/she is stuck then will struggle to meet the deadline.
  4. When on holiday/sick leave you need to ensure sufficient backup resources.


Benefits of having reliable outsourcing partners:
  1. Resource scalability.
  2. Different levels of experienced people in an organization like Managers, Project Leaders, Team Leaders, Programmers, Designers, Hosting Administrators and Testers. Anyone with issues can approach these people designated above and can have them sorted out.
  3. There are never any worries about resource availability or about the holidays taken by the service provider. It is something that your outsourcing partner needs to sort out.
  4. Once the process is in place, all your worries related to execution will be minimal.

many more…Looking at all the aspects and knowing your objectives, I would suggest you go with a company with whom you can engage in a long term alliance instead of just thinking about cheap prices.

Contributed by:

Mr. Narayan Mohapatra
Chairman and Founder

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