What Your Moodle Homepage Lacks and How to Super Charge It for The Learners

What Your Moodle Homepage Lacks and How to Super Charge It for The Learners

For most academic organizations, online courses hold great importance as it helps the learners with a continuous learning process. It also acts as a key element to attract talent and help to build a successful career. Your e-learning courses should improve the satisfaction of your learners right from the beginning till the end.

They should be able to explore the training resources and access personalized content that aligns with their goals.

Moodle LMS development has established itself not just in academic institutes, but also in corporations and independent course creators. Moodle’s modular structure makes creating courses an easy affair.

But at times, creating a complete website on Moodle with great experience may be a far-fetched dream. Even though you may have a home page, your Moodle site may lack the flexibility and customization of the user experience.


What Your Moodle Home Page Should Offer?


  1. Explain and present your e-learning courses and other programs

  2. Convey information about your organization and what the website is all about

  3. Display your brand and take advantage of the assets that include design, layout, colors and images

  4. Ensure a direct access to relevant courses and pages


Some Reasons Why Your Moodle Home Page cannot Meet Your E-Learning Goals:


Moodle Themes and Customizations:

Most Moodle LMS development themes come with one or more variations in the home page design. The themes often allow a scope of customization, but it has certain limitation in terms of possibilities and flexibility that designers are allowed for your Moodle home page.

Different people have different choices and the way they want the Moodle site to appear may also vary. The lack of structural flexibility of these home page templates make it worse in fact.

Even if the Moodle themes allow some customization, it is very important to hire skilled designers and expert Moodle development company so that the home page is user friendly and offers everything that the learners or users are looking for.



Your Homepage may Lack Complete Control Over the Section:

If you have an amazing website idea with an impressive home page design, then in order to achieve it you have to make essential changes in the theme. This requires technical as well as sound coding knowledge.

Are You Looking for Dedicated Moodle Developers?

You can change the home page according to your brand which involves, colors, font styles, patterns and etc. Custom styling of the home page can help you to make your home page attractive.



Your Moodle Homepage has More Text and No Visuals:

Research has stated that visual information often processes about 60,000 times faster than any textual information. So the first thing that you can do is to supercharge your course and get rid of the text that is making it too long or bulky.

To reduce it, you can use slideshares, podcasts, videos, screencasts, music and replace the long text blocks. You can also explore the ways of demonstrating ideas visually with sketchnoting.



Insert a Welcome Video on the Homepage:

You can supercharge your home page by adding a welcome video in it. A video often helps to capture the learners’ interest and also build a relationship with the visitor. In the video, you can share about the course modules, how the modules will help to solve problems, who you are, what the course contains and etc.


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