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Where to Find Skilled Tech Resources in This Competitive Market?

The biggest challenge that most business owners face before developing an application or product is finding and hiring the best talent available in the market.  Yes, you are not alone, especially when it is all about building your dream project. Hiring skilled software professionals from any top software service providers is nearly impossible for small businesses or startups in a small market. And with more and more organizations coming up regularly, the situation is even getting more challenging.

Now the question is where can you get super-talented developers who can easily work on your project without burning your pocket? Instead of hiring talented developers in-house, which might prove to be very costly, organizations are looking for reliable companies where they can comfortably outsource their tasks. By the year 2020, there will be a huge growth in outsourcing jobs instead of hiring someone for a full time work.

If you are looking for a freelance developer or a dedicated developer who can work for you, only for a specified period of time, then here are some places that I would discuss with you where you can find some of the best talents.


This is one of the world’s largest social coding sites and is a cloud based hosting platform for open source developers. They use it to share codes that are based on open source technologies and frameworks. So each and every developer using GitHub has to create an account and this makes their profile visible to the public. You can easily check their skills and contributions on various projects and based on your specific needs, you can contact them and hire them accordingly.


LinkedIn is another most popular means that connects professionals with one another. It is here that businesses can recruit talents easily. Search the site for people with the title that you are looking for and some other common connections. You can also try out some networking through many groups that are dedicated to career specialists. So, if you are in need of hiring some great talents, then focus solely on social networks or you will miss out on a huge pool of skilled resources.


Elance offers an enormous pool of talented professionals who are willing to work on different projects based on their expertise. You can easily post a detailed description of your project and the type of work that you are looking for, and the developers will get back to you with proposals for your review. Before finalizing any one, you can check the profile of the applicant, his past projects and also read reviews from other Elance members


A survey has stated that email is the most preferred means of communications for the developers. About 65% of the developers find it a great means to be contacted by the recruiters when it is all about a new job opportunity.  But in order to get the best out of your emails, it is vital to personalize them. This includes a strong subject line with content that describes your company and your recruiting needs. While sending the mail maintain complete transparency about your company.

Direct contact with software companies:

Another best means to hire talented software professionals is to do a little bit of research work on the internet and make a list of reliable software companies from where you can outsource your job. In many cases you may not find freelances suitable for your work. Hiring skilled resources, from software service providers is the best opportunity as they can easily be reached and your project won’t suffer any delay. You can hire professionals from their pool of resources on either part time, full time or on an hourly basis. And not only this, you can easily scale the resources up or down based on your project requirements. This of course saves a lot of time and money and will also help you to get your work delivered on time.

Stack overflow: 

About 44% developers considered Stack Overflow to be a great means of hearing about a new job opportunity. With the Candidate Search option, hiring managers and recruiters can easily search from more than 186,000 developers profile and this is of course a huge choice before you. Instead of struggling here and there for talented developers who are actually looking for a job, it is best to use Stack Overflow where the candidates are part of the Invite only database who have willingly opted in to be contacted by the recruiters.

“If your prime target is to hire talented developers, then you have many places from which to choose. But before finalizing someone, review the profile or the company details and have a discussion over the phone with the developer.”


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